What is a PG or Post-graduate Year at a boarding school? This overview tackles the reasons students elect to 'PG' before heading off to college.

The Goal of a PG Year

Successful completion of a 5th year of secondary school can improve skills and solidify academic standing in order to broaden college options.

Who should consider a PG Year?

A student who has earned a high school diploma and elected to spend an extra year in high school in order to further prepare for college.

A PG year is not for everyone. They require a certain level of sacrifice, perspective, and seriousness.

Why a PG Year?

Maturity and/or confidence- academic and social.

Academic Improvement.

Preparation for a more competitive college or university.

Time. A student and family may not have been ready to choose a college or direction when graduating. A PG year allows for productive time and reflections

Athletic Improvement. A student athlete may have the talent and desire to earn a NCAA Division I scholarship. A year in a PG program with high caliber athletics and academics can help.

Smoothing an Academic Bump: A student or a student's family may have experienced an event such a death in family that contributed to a student's academic bump. A successful PG year can help smooth this kind of bump.

Who offers PG Years?

Many American boarding schools offer pg years focused on academic improvement with some including high level athletics in preparation for collegiate athletic careers.

View a list of boarding schools that offer a pg year along with our longer article, "A Post Graduate Year: What's That?" to get a more detailed picture of the PG experience.

Photo credit: Kennedy Library via Creative Commons