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Boarding School Interviews

Boarding school interviews matter greatly in the admission process. The interview provides the primary opportunity for the family and the school to meet each other, ask questions and to gauge whether the talents and skills of school and student compliment each other.

Importance of the Interview

Boarding School ToursThe admission officers want to meet you and ask questions. It's an opportunity for everyone to see if there's a match.

Anticipate Interview Topics

Be ready to explain unusual situations such as low grades, school changes, or absences. Addressing these topics and directly and honestly is best for everyone.

Dress Appropriately

Personal impression should be a priority. Dress appropriately. For some candidates that means wearing a suit or a sport coat for males or an appropriate dress or dress suit for females.

What to Bring

Ask each school before your interview what materials they would like to see. Most schools are only interested in meeting you during the interview. However, if you have portfolio of strong work, by all means, bring it to your interview. Schools want to know about your special interests and talents. If you're a writer, painter, photographer or musician, the school wants to know.

Always carry an extra copy of your transcript in case your the person interviewing you doesn't have it in advance of your meeting.

Getting to Know the School

You will be able to meet and talk with students and faculty as part of your tour and interview. Make every effort to speak with students and faculty, observe classes, eat a meal in the dining hall, tour the dorms and attend an athletic event. Develop a general feel for the school.

Pace Your Interviews

Don't schedule several interviews in a single day. Take your time & enjoy your visit. Get to know the school while you're on campus.

Be Yourself

Behave respectfully and honestly. Remember, this might be the boarding school that you want to attend.

Need additional help? Take three minutes and watch the video below to learn tips from admission officers from six boarding schools. Not all are interview related, but their general advice offers terrific guidance for the entire admission process.

Visit AQ's homepage to research boarding school options available to students.

Photo credit: Pulpolux !!! via Creative Commons

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