Looking for a boarding school? AQ offers 10 tips to consider as you search for the right boarding school for your child.
  1. Use all available references. Some public school counselors are good folks to start with. Good on-line boarding school catalogs (like AdmissionsQuest of course) can introduce you to the broad range of possibilities offered by boarding schools.

  2. Work to extrapolate and learn how each school differs in its approach and what each school does best.

    Consider working with an educational consultant if you find yourself uncomfortable researching and making judgments about schools and your child on your own.

  3. Do your homework about your child (or yourself if you’re the student). In what kind of environment does he/she learn best?

  4. Decide whether or not boarding school is the best fit/opportunity for your child.

  5. Begin researching the different types of boarding school experiences available. Coed, boys, girls, large, small, urban, rural.

  6. Decide which type of school best supports your son or daughter's needs.

  7. Make a list of possible schools based which type of school offers the best fit. This list should probably be no more than five schools long.

  8. Contact the schools and request an admission packet.

  9. Read through all admission materials; talk with any current school parents in your area; speak with any alumni in your area. Get a feel for the school and the types of students with whom their program works best.

    Remember: Make sure that applying to each school makes sense and is a good fit for your child.

  10. Plan to meet with any admission representative from your school list who might be visiting your area.

Make sure that applying to each school makes sense and is a good fit for the student. For a detailed reference of the application process, visit our Prep School Application Checklist. It provides a month by month breakdown of the admission calendar. Also, when the time approaches, give AQ's tips on touring a boarding school, interviewing at a boarding school and applying to a boarding school a read.