Prep School Articles

We put our experience as students, teachers and administrators, to work for applying families. At AQ, we work to develop and find focused tools that help families navigate the private school and boarding school world.

Below are AQ articles and thoughts on independent schools, as well as links to other online resources that we like.

The Benefits of a Girls' School Education

An infographic that lays out a short, sharp, short, powerful case for girls education.

Public School vs. Private School: 25 Essential Considerations

We often hear the question, “what’s the difference between private and public school?” Here’s twenty five important distinctions that are often overlooked.

Finding the Right Private School

Andrew Churchill, former Dean of Admission at New Hampton School, answers questions and makes recommendations about beginning a school search.

7-day Boarding versus 5-day Boarding: What’s the Difference?

Trying to decide between 7-day & 5-day boarding schools? AQ breaks down the differences between the two to help you decide which is the best fit for you.

Gap Year Programs

As a follow up to our PG article, we've put together a list of Gap Year Programs and resources that provide a starting point for the kinds of experiences that many students and families seek.

Applying to Private School on Short Notice

Navigating and planning the private school admission process when time is of the essence.

Small Boarding School Qualities & Perspectives

A look at the unique qualities and perspectives available only in small boarding schools.

Repeating A Grade in Boarding School

AQ looks at the reasons for repeating a grade in boarding schools.

PG Year at a Boarding School

Thinking about a PG or Post-graduate Year at a boarding school? AQ's overview provides a look into the reasons students elect to ‘PG’ before heading off to college.

A Post Graduate Year; what's that?

Considering a post graduate year? AQ examines the history of the 'PG' year and why they're offered by prep schools.