See what your family may be expected to pay toward tuition

These graphs represent what a family may be expected to pay towards a private school tuition if their financial situation is similar to the examples in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and nationally. Each city example applies a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for its area.

Financial aid eligibility and estimated family contribution (i.e. what you may be expected to pay) are calculated by School & Student Services By NAIS (SSS) from a family's financial statements submitted as part of their financial aid application.

Keep in mind that these numbers are only estimates. Every family's financial situation is unique as is each school's financial aid program. Each school administers and determines its own financial aid process and awards. Schools do not necessarily use, or apply, the COLA. Application of any COLA comes at the discretion of each school. Your family's financial aid eligibility may vary from school to school.

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Can we afford private school?
Visualized by AdmissionsQuest, a site for families researching private schools. Financial aid data provided by School & Student Services By NAIS (SSS).


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