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Private School Financial Aid

Is Private School Tax Deductible? Your Tuition Questions Answered

Woodberry Forest School's Director of Financial Aid explores the tax implications of private school tuition and financial aid awards for a boarding school family.

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Can we afford private school?

An infographic representing what a family may be expected to pay towards a private school tuition if their financial situation is similar to the examples in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco & nationally.

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Private School Financial Aid Advice from the Experts!

Next to "which schools should we apply to?" financial aid elicits the most questions in the admission process. Hear six admission counselors answer one of the most asked question we hear, "what should my family keep in mind as we file for financial aid?""

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Private School Loans

Search AdmissionsQuest's Directory of Private School Loans!

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Managing Your Credit Score

There’s no doubt about it: providing your child with a private education can be expensive. While private elementary and secondary school tuition costs continue to rise, family incomes are struggling to keep pace with inflation.

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Shopping for a School Loan!

Private education is expensive. With rising tuitions, many parents are finding it more and more difficult to handle these expenses. Fortunately, banks and finance companies have developed products to help parents – tuition payment plans and private loans.

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How to Afford the Private School of Your Choice: 5 Options

So you are thinking about sending your child to private school & need help affording tuition? Consider these five avenues as you explore financial aid at each school.

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Learning About Private Student Loans

Private student loans are an excellent option that will help you avoid dipping into savings or using high-interest products like credit cards. These loan products can help you spread out tuition payments and make financing tuition more manageable.

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Financial Aid for Private Schools

A guide to the private private elementary and secondary school financial aid process.

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Choosing the Right Payment Option

An overview of options for funding private education.

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