The Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) is a professional association of full-time experienced independent educational consultants who work with families on school placement issues.

They were kind enough to outline 10 warning signs that a consultant isn't worth hiring.

10 warning signs that a consultant isn't worth hiring1. They promise to use their "pull" to secure admission to a particular school or college.

2. They guarantee a certain dollar value in scholarships that go untapped and are just waiting for you to request the funds

3. They have no formal training, and don't attend workshops or conferences, but they "helped their own child" so they can help yours, too.

4. They haven't joined any professional associations, but expect to, one of these days.

5. They haven't signed on to the IECA ethics pledge, but they would never do anything wrong.

6.They tell you not to worry about all the details on the application forms....they'll take care of those for you.

7. They tell you that while they accept "finders fees" from certain schools and colleges, they would never let that influence their suggestions.

8. They don't spell out exactly what services you get in exchange for their fee.

9. They indicate that their background, training, and years of experience are unimportant details not worth going into.

10. They don't get out of the office much to visit campuses and meet with admissions officers, but they read school catalogues every chance they get.

Photo credit: withassociates via Creative Commons