Mastering the Private School Admissions Process


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AdmissionsQuest's nine step guide to finding the right prep school!

This must have admission e-book covers the critical admission steps.

Topics explored include:

1. Considering private school

2. Building your admission foundation

3. Request an admission packet

4. The application writing sample

5. Financial Aid

6. Visiting campus: touring and interview

7. Submitting your completed application

8. Ongoing correspondence & communication

9. The decision

Plus AdmissionsQuest's Mastering the Private School Admission Process includes a bonus admission calendar!

Understanding Private School Financial Aid


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AdmisionsQuest's FREE guide to understanding the private school financial aid process.

This must have e-book, developed in partnership with School & Student Services By NAIS (SSS), explores & educates families about private school financial aid.

Areas covered include:

  1. Financial aid eligibility
  2. Financial aid questions to ask your school
  3. Talking with schools about financial aid
  4. What schools mean when they talk about financial aid
  5. What a financial aid package looks like
  6. How to plan your financial aid application

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Private School Rankings: They're Misguided!


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Learn to ignore school rankings and get to the heart of school fit with our FREE E-book, Private School Rankings: They're Misguided!

See how school rankings miss the most important parts of a private school- the learning environment it sets and the types of students each school serves.

Private School Rankings: They're Misguided! helps you to:

  • - Understand why private school rankings are misguided.
  • - Focus your school search on the student.
  • - Recognize and benefit from the broad array private school choices.
  • - Learn to ask, "What type of student does well in our school?"
  • - Understand and use the concept of school fit.


Applying to Private School After the Deadliine


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This AdmissionsQuest Ebook Offers a Guide to Applying to Private School Outside of Traditional Deadlines

You have choices. Many schools continue working to fill spaces throughout the late spring and all the way up to the opening of school.

Our guide will help you chart a plan and understand the special considerations necessary for finding and successfully applying to a school post-admission deadline.

Covered in Applying to Private School After the Deadline:

1. Options and schools with spaces available

2. Where to find a list of boarding schools with ongoing, spring and summer, rolling admission

3. Discussing financial aid with the school

4. Questions to ask yourself as you begin the admission process

5. Admission testing

6. An outline covering how to work through a compressed application period

7. Pitfalls: Issues and actions that can jeopardize your student's admission process

8. Best School fit: the ultimate goal

An International Student’s Guide to Applying to Private School


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AdmisionsQuest's FREE guide to understanding the international student admission process.

This must have E-book, by renowned educational consultant Christine Chapman takes families from consideration to matriculation as they consider North American private schools.

Areas covered include:

1. School fit. The different types of schools

2. How schools consider international applicants

3. An admission calendar/timeline

4. Testing

5. English proficiency

6. The visa process

An International Student's Guide to Applying to Private School is sponsored by:

Linden Tours - Boarding School Tours!


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