Aron SolomonAron Solomon, CEO and Head of School, talks with the Boarding School Podcast about THINK Global School's genesis- the philosophy and the nuts and bolts work that goes into bringing a new school- the first of its kind- from idea to reality in fourteen months. 

THINK Global's vision grows out the the experience of T-G founders, Joann and Harry McPike and their search for a global education for their own child. T-G students will live and learn through local perspectives and opportunities in three cities each academic year- becoming part of local fabric through host schools and diving deeply into the unique lessons and histories of each locale.

An additional level of connectedness will come through THINK Global's work with partner schools. T-G students will share their local experiences with these schools through blogging, online lessons, and web conferencing.

THINK Global's first class of 15 students begins their journey Fall 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden.  T-G students and faculty will become the living embodiment of a modern, urban, mobil, boarding school; no one lives and works in isolation.

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