A round-table discussion with Jason Hersom, Kents Hill School Associate Director of Admission, Tucker Kimball, Gould Academy Communications Director and Sven Cole, Bridgton Academy Communications Director about the educational, recreation & athletic benefits offered by Maine boarding schools.

Maine with its small population and the shear physicality of its environmental provides special opportunities and resources to students choosing to call a Maine boarding school home.

I asked these Maine school administrators how Maine shapes their schools and how they make the state's environment part of their programs.

Whether its being away from the distractions of a larger urban setting, spending much of the winter on snow, field biology, environmental art or oceanography- Maine proves part of each school's story.

Although not always formalized, the adult faculty have chosen to make Maine and it's outdoor life home. Maine is who they are and where they are and this connection translates into small, tightly-knit school communities that provide the safety, comfort and support to participate in everything that Maine offers.

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