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Cardigan Mountain School Introduces PEAKS

From Cardigan Mountain School, Brian Beale, Associate Director of Admissions and Ryan Feely, English teacher and Director of Summer Session spent some time with me during the IECA conference introducing Cardigan's PEAKS program. PEAKS is and acronym for Personalized Education for the Acqusition of Knowledge and Skills.

PEAKS is a unifying approach toward the development of middle school boys. PEAKS sews together all aspects of school life and personal growth- daily life, academics, athletics, study hall, and dormitory life. With all faculty members planning and working together to instill and support clearly defined, skills, lessons, and values for each student.

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Listen to the podcast (08:25):

Valuing Social Media in the Classroom: The Work of Peter Hodgin, Kents Hill School Download the audio/mpeg (.mp3) file (8.1 MB)

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