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He's a Dean & a Blogger! A Conversation with Dr. Doug Ashcraft, Idyllwild Arts Academy

AdmissionsQuest's Boarding School Podcast spoke with Dr. Doug Ashcraft, Dean of the Arts, Idyllwild Arts Academy, to learn more about Dr. Ashcraft's new blog, www.artin3d.org.

Dr. Ashcraft started the blog "to provide information, commentary, thoughts, ideas and questions for our (Idyllwid) parents, prospective students and interested observers."

The conversation was recorded on 9/19/2008. Please send feedback & questions to boardingschoolpodcast@admissionsquest.com or visit www.AdmissionsQuest.com.

Listen to the podcast (06:35):

Valuing Social Media in the Classroom: The Work of Peter Hodgin, Kents Hill School Download the audio/mpeg (.mp3) file (6.4 MB)

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The Boarding School Podcast is a publication of AdmissionsQuest.


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