Florida is quietly home to several boarding schools. Of course, the sun, sand, ocean, and proximity to Latin America set Florida's boarding school opportunities apart.

Florida boarding schools offer a host of opportunities unique to the state's geography and climate. Whereas New England boarding schools offer their regional activities- e.g. skiing and ice hockey, Florida boarding schools offer great activities derived from the sun and sea.

We asked Florida boarding school admission directors- Bryan Bergeron, admission and marketing director at Florida Air Academy and Brian Chatterley, admission director at Admiral Farragut Academy in St. Petersburg, Florida to share 7 Things Not To Forget Going To A Florida Boarding School.

Thanks to both for their contributions.

1. Sunscreen!

Florida has an average of 240 days with SUNSHINE each year.

Average Number of Sunny Days in Florida Each Year
*Source: http://www.currentresults.com/Weather/Florida/annual-days-of-sunshine.php

Plan to enjoy the outdoors even during your academic day. We want our students to be safe while experiencing the warm and exotic climate that blesses our beach community.

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2. Your adventurous inner-self!

Sailing in Florida
*Photo used under Creative Commons license. Permission by daspader.

From fishing, sailing, and studying marine life to enjoying roller coasters at some of the best theme parks in the US, Florida is a place to discover dolphins and Disney! Annual Passes to Disney & Universal. Fun…Fun…Fun… Might as well save a few bucks.

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3. Your Passport!

Florida boarding schools attract students from all over the globe. You will meet people from Anguilla to Vietnam and learn so much about their culture while sharing yours.

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4. Swimsuit and Scuba Gear!

Diving the Gulf of Aqaba
*Photo used under Creative Commons license. Permission by magnusfranklin.

You're just going to want to go into the water. The marine life in Florida is truly amazing. Take the opportunity to discover and learn about the world that lives in our oceans. You won't be disappointed.

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5. Your appetite!

Seafood Fest Everglades City FL
*Photo used under Creative Commons. Permission by cletch.

Florida not only has fresh seafood delivered daily from local fishermen but also an array of culinary treats as  diverse as the people who live here.  Our food is really good! Really!... our dining hall tables are round so be prepared to get wrapped up in good conversation while dining on campus.

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6. Your Binoculars!

From bird watching to numerous professional sporting events, Florida has it all.

Bird Watching
*Photo used under Creative Commons. Permission by matthewpaulson.

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7. Yourself!

Florida boarding schools are a GREAT place to make friends, discover your passions and prepare for college.