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Canadian Boarding Schools Make Their Case

Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) has published a good ‘quick case’ video in which they take on the question ‘why boarding school?’

A Guided Tour of Midland School

Two Midland School student share their insights and experiences with viewers during this tour of the California (CA) boarding school that they call home.

A Guided Tour of Eaglebrook School

Eagelbrook student, Brendan, shares what it’s like to be a student at a junior boarding boarding school. He came to Eaglebrook as a seventh grader. Brendan sees himself as having grown greatly and having made life-long friends

Freshman Humanities at Dunn School

Teachers Laura Fox and Alex Wescott present an overview of Dunn’s ninth grade integrated curriculum. The program takes a slightly different angle than many other integrated humanities programs.

A Guided Tour of Army and Navy Academy

Army and Navy Academy cadets Matt, Tyler, and David share their experiences introducing viewers to the academy. Whether it’s academics, residential life or college counseling, two statements (resounding endorsements) from the tour capture the Army and Navy experience.

Why Small Class Sizes Matter to this Boarding School Student

Dunn School sophomore Danielle tals about improved confidence and discussion abilities that come from Dunn’s small, intimate classes.

A Guided Tour of Bement School

Kim Loughlin, Bement School admission director, guides viewers around the Bement campus and through the concept of a junior boarding school.

Mercersberg Faculty Send Off Students with “Call Me Maybe”

A little fun to start the week, Mercersberg faculty enter the “Call Me Maybe” in a fourteen passenger team van phenomenon with their lip sync rendition of the song.

A Guided Tour of Villanova Preparatory School

Sharing their insights and observations, two Villanova Prep students touch on everything from academics to athletics during this tour of campus.

A Guided Tour of Dunn School

Christy Davidge, Dunn, Associate Director of Admission, takes you on a tour of campus. Dunn’s a coed boarding & day school in Los Olivos, CA. Academically, Dunn students benefit from small classes with 12-14 students; hands-on and interactive learning; practice or learning by doing and a faculty who work together as one. Dunn juniors work […]

Learning at Dunn School

More than just a varied curriculum, Dunn recognizes and serves a diversity of students with courses that fit different kinds of learners.

Growing your school’s food

Katie Isaacson talks about the role that Midland School’s organic garden plays in the school community. Midland¬†(a coed boarding school in Los Olivos, CA)¬†cultivates 10 acres for both production and education. The school eats seasonally from the farm bounty putting-up by freezing or canning the surplus. A chalk board in the dining hall charts produce […]

Making the Case for College

A Proctor Academy graduate offers his stories, encouragement, and perspectives as part of the College Board’s “You Can Go” campaign.

A Guided Tour of Stevenson School

Learn from a Stevenson School junior about the opportunities & strengths of a Stevenson education.

Putting the Cool in Boarding School

As part of WFSP’s Cool Schools series, reporter Mark Dixson filed four reports covering some of the uncommon, specialized experiences available to Marvelwood students.

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