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Brewster Alumnus Topher Grace ’97 Narrates the School’s New Video

How does school get its most famous actor alumnus to narrate the school’s new admission video? Just ask. The Way Education Should Be from Brewster Academy on Vimeo. Lynne Palmer, Brewster’s Director of Admission & External Affairs called Grace and asked him to voice the video. Since graduation, and throughout his acting career, Grace has […]

2016 Boarding School Acceptance Videos: Students & Faculty Welcome New Students!

Note: Updated 3/11. New videos added: St. Paul’s School, Pomfret School, & Phillips Academy It’s admission decision day (March 10th 2016) and, in what’s an annual event for us, here’s our gathering of 2016 Boarding School Acceptance Videos. We’ll post additional videos as we find them and as readers send them to us. Send yours […]

Documenting the PG Year through A Family’s Lens

Bridgton Academy and the Wilkins family will document Cam’s Bridgton postgraduate experience from school search to college matriculation

Stephen Amell Proclaims “I am proud to be a part of the best all boys school in North America.”

Actor Stephen Amell proclaims the power of a St. Andrews College education.

The Asymmetric Boarding School Search

After watching the 2014-2015 boarding school admission cycle from our stop in a family’s boarding school search, we can tell you that families now do more research and consult more references than ever. Finding The Best Fitting School Is Now Akin to Making a Large Purchase Such as a Car Think about it, a lot […]

2015 Boarding School Acceptance Videos! Students & Faculty Welcome New Students to Their Communities

Updated: 3/13/2015 In what’s becoming an annual event, we’ll gather and post school welcome videos as we find them and as readers send them to us. Send yours if you’ve got one. March 10th was the traditional admission calendar acceptance notification date; here are some of boarding school acceptance videos: Chatham Hall School Chatham Hall Because… […]

A Guided Tour of West Nottingham Academy

Let student tour guides, Adele, Ryan and McKayla share West Nottingham Academy and their WNA experiences with you. They do great job of introducing viewers to the oldest boarding school in America. WNA features a warm, strong community with a wide array of programs and opportunities. Adele, Ryan and McKayla cover all aspects of WNA […]

Andover Movie Makers Pump Up Fans

A little fun from the student video and athletic front this afternoon. The Andover Movie Makers Club posted “Andover/Exeter 2014” a few days ago in preparation for upcoming games with Exeter. It’s a really nice riff on the ‘pump up’ or ‘team motivational’ genre of videos that a lot of intercollegiate athletic departments produce. The […]

Cheshire Academy’s Rachel Wright Finds Success Flipping the Classroom

A conversation with Cheshire Academy’s Rachel Wright about the convergence of modern and traditional as she ‘flips’ her boarding school class. Has/how flipping the classroom made you a more effective teacher? By doubling the amount of time I have with the students (as long as you use the extra time effectively). Because I can accomplish […]

2014 Private School Acceptance Videos! Students & Faculty Welcome New Students to Their Communities

Many schools now produce and post welcome videos parallel to acceptance letters in early March of each year. Three school welcome videos – from New Hampton, Kents Hill and The Webb School (TN)- came across my desk and I think each is worth a quick watch and interesting in its own right. [Update 3/20/14 – […]

Hotchkiss Film Festival 2014: Opportunity for High School Filmmakers

Hotchkiss Film Festival 2014 is the third year of the festival dedicated exclusively to high school filmmakers. This year’s Festival is scheduled for Friday evening May 16th, 2014. Past Festival events and entries are on the website. A short film competition, “The Film Festival Competition is open to all high school students who currently represent […]

Grand River Academy: The Harlem Shake Academy Style

Anyone who’s lived and worked in boarding school knows the routine is a great help; you know what’s coming at you when. But, when the routine gets monotonous especially during the short days of winter when limited daylight and the cold push everyone indoors more than they might like, what do you do? We break […]

A Guided Tour of Dublin School

Dublin School senior Lizzie takes viewers through a guided tour of Dublin’s campus and opportunities!

A Guided Tour of Blue Ridge School

Two Blue Ridge School students share their campus insights and experiences as they take you on a tour!

A Clever Introduction to a Boarding School Faculty

Meet Think Global School‘s (view school profile)  faculty in this five minute intro video. Hear them talk about what brings them to a multicultural mobile school. Each faculty member spends a few minutes exploring Think Global’s philosophy and practices and how their individual passions and expertise fit with a truly global school experience. Passion for […]

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