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Classroom Technology: where are the results?

New York Times reporter Matt Richtel turns a critical eye on this conundrum in his article from this past Saturday, “In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores.” This piece is ‘must’ reading for anyone involved classroom technology adoption. The problem with education- more specifically- classroom technology is that the purveyors, the public, students, their parents, and […]

My child needs a change!

Do you have a teenager who seems unmotivated and under-stimulated in his or her school?  Is it perhaps more than just ‘a phase’?  Are you worried that their current school is unable to provide the necessary academic challenge, extra-curricular opportunities, structure and accountability that you feel is your child requires?  Are you worried about the […]

Building a Strong Foundation

It may be time for parents to realize that times have changed.  Somehow during the course of our life, something has shifted and we may want to react to it.  Many parents are beginning to figure out that the traditional sequence of educating a child (allowing them to attend the local high school – regardless […]

Summer Camp Ideas for Kids

No matter what you are looking for this summer you’re sure to find it in one of Baylor’s camps. We take full advantage of our amazing campus by providing overnight camps and day options for those who prefer one over the other, or both! Our camp counselors, faculty, and coaches continually work together to provide […]

Developing a Love of Math in Younger Students

When I posted the link to Keith Devlin’s NPR piece from Weekend Edition Saturday- “The Way You Learned Math Is So Old School (listen below)-”on my facebook page, it generated more comments than any link I have posted in a while. Somehow being a high school math teacher with 21 years experience makes me an […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Secretly thinking of a boarding school?  Nervous about leaving family and friends?  Confused about the merits of leaving home before university?  Not sure about what your friends and neighbors will say about this option?  Wondering why you even considered this boarding school nonsense in the first place? Relax.  Every student that chooses to go to […]

David Brooks Dismantles Amy Chua- Politely

Last week I shared my thoughts on the Amy Chua firestorm. Bluntly, I smelled free publicity and the chance to sell books behind Chua’s posturing. I don’t begrudge Chua’s desire to profit as one reader accused me. I simply wanted to make clear whole thing- book release, lots of buzz, lots of press, and lots […]

The Firestorm Surrounding Amy Chua

Call me cynical, but something doesn’t seem quite right here. For those unfamiliar with the firestorm of the past week, Yale Law School professor Amy Chua wrote a Wall Street Journal Saturday Essay titled “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior: Can a regimen of no playdates, no TV, no computer games and hours of music practice […]

Blog Action Day: America Needs to Commit to Saving the Louisiana Coast

“Louisiana loses 24 square miles of coastal wetlands each year, the equivalent of a football field every 30 minutes, due to loss of sediment buildup that used to occur naturally.” (Redirecting Mississippi River Proposed As Way To Save Louisiana Coast) Water, the worldwide topic for this fourth annual Blog Action Day gives me license to […]

Is the Sky Really Falling When it Comes to America’s Education Predicament?

To be in American education over the last 30 is to have been besieged by the constant chatter decrying the failure, shortcomings, need for revolution/reform, and failure of the American educational system. Is everything we do in American education perfect, no. Do we need to make great improvement to certain elements of American education, hell, yes. […]

If Only We Could Value Education So Highly

Continuing to catch-up on readings and comments that I gathered on our late July trip, I’ve finally gotten to David Leonhardt’s “The Case for $320,000 Kindergarten Teachers” that ran in the 27 July New York Times. “…Mr. (Raj) Chetty and his colleagues — one of whom, Emmanuel Saez, recently won the prize for the top […]

The Fresh Air Fund Needs Your Help- This Summer

Summer isn’t over for our friends at The Fresh Air Fund and they still need help offering opportunities as summer wanes. The Fund is still seeking host families this summer in the following areas, Red Hook, Columbia County, Saugerties, Delmar, Guilderland & Altamont, Latham and Rensselaer, NY. If you or someone you know is able […]

Fresh Air Fund Summer 2010

The Fresh Air Fund is one of our favorite organizations here at AdmissionsQuest. They do great work and the opportunities they provide kids can be life changing. With summer approaching, please consider the ways that you might help Fresh Air make this coming summer special. Donating is the easiest way. Consider volunteering as a host […]

MLK Day Musings

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction….The chain reaction of evil–hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars–must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the […]

Bath Shout: Student Produced Podcasts Capture Hyde School (Bath, ME) Campus Vibe

Nicolas Figueroa, a senior from Spain, hosts “Bath Shout,” periodic podcasts covering current happenings and life on Hyde School‘s Bath, ME campus. The tone and organization of “Bath Shout” nicely captures all of the different things happening simultaneously at Hyde. At school, things don’t happen one event at time. So many events overlap; kids and […]

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