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A School Expert’s Review of Fessenden School

Accepting, considerate, compassionate, cooperative, dedicated, determined, energetic, enthusiastic, fun-loving, intellectual, open, organized, self-confident, supportive, unique are just a few adjectives that come to mind after my visit to Fessenden School. I loved my Fessenden visit. Every room, corner, program, and class made me smile and want to jump in and be a part of this […]

Learn Why Four Boarding School Heads Keep One Foot in the Classroom

Modern boarding school heads face an amazing array of time and intellectual demands- everything from the school’s daily operation; to strategic planning; to fundraising; to attending meals; to student discipline; of course students and faculty are also part of the equation. These constituencies pull heads in all sorts of directions- daily. Given these demands my […]

Bement School Names Christopher Wilson New Head

Chris Wilson will begin his tenure as Bement’s ninth head of school July 1, 2016. Wilson will come to Bement from Esperanza Academy in Lawrence, Massachusetts, a grade 5-8 girls middle school, where is the sitting head of school. A cheer went up from the crowd of faculty, staff, and students at during the school […]

Five Things Families Should Know About the 2015-2016 Learning Differences Boarding School Admission Process: advice from Greenwood School’s Aria Carter

Five things to know about applying to a learning differences boarding school.

Christine Savini and Dr. Olivia Morehead-Slaughter Contribute to Bement School’s diversity teaching

Christine Savini and Dr. Olivia Morehead-Slaughter speak at Bement School about diversity teaching

Riverside Military Academy to West Point Admission

Ever wonder how military boarding school; admission to West Point; a military career; and working in the West Point directorate of admission come together? You’ll find them all in our interview with Riverside Military Academy alumnus and Florida State Congressional District Coordinator for the Directorate of Admissions, CPT Charles Cook. In our interview CPT Cook […]

A Guided Tour of Eaglebrook School

Eagelbrook student, Brendan, shares what it’s like to be a student at a junior boarding boarding school. He came to Eaglebrook as a seventh grader. Brendan sees himself as having grown greatly and having made life-long friends

A Guided Tour of Bement School

Kim Loughlin, Bement School admission director, guides viewers around the Bement campus and through the concept of a junior boarding school.

Announcement: Junior Boarding Schools Association 2011-2012 Information Sessions

If you have a junior high school aged son or daughter who might benefit from a boarding school experience, consider visiting one the JBSA receptions during the coming school year. Each event will feature representatives from JBSA member schools who will speak about, both, junior boarding, generally, and their schools, specifically. A panel discussion will […]

A Boys Learning Differences Boarding School Adds a High School: A Q&A with the Head of The Greenwood School

Following-up The Greenwood School‘s announcement of their expansion to include a full high school program, Greenwood headmaster, Stewart Miller spoke with us about the opportunities and motivations behind Greenwood’s growth. Brian Fisher (BF): What’s the impetus behind growing to include a high school? Does Greenwood just work better for some kids to have a consistent […]

A Junior Boarding School Expands to Include a Full 9-12 High School

Following on the heels of their June announcement about adding grades nine and ten, The Greewood School‘s expansion plans have grown. Greenwood (Putney, VT) is adding a full high school with the first graduating class scheduled for spring 2014. The school will now be able to work the boys from the fourth to twelfth grades, […]

Elementary & Middle School Students Learn the Value of Community Service

Kim Loughlin, Bement School admission director, shares the importance that Bement places on the teaching of gratitude and service. Bement’s a co-ed, junior boarding school located in Deerfield, MA. Bement teaches students that giving back requires doing through the dedication of one’s time and effort. It is a perspective that emphasizes the practice of service. […]

A Boarding School Expands

Understanding that its students would benefit greatly from extending The Greenwood School experience into early high school,  Greenwood is adding 9th and 10th grade programs beginning fall of 2011. Greenwood has been a boys junior boarding school up to this expansion. Greenwood’s specialized program is geared to work with “bright and talented boys with learning […]

Sadly, We Note the Closing of Fox River Country Day School

With heavy hearts, we read about the announced closing of Fox River Country Day School in Elgin, Illinois this morning. Many people may not know that Fox River has a boarding school history, and operated a small junior boarding program (20 students, grades 5-8) through this year. The school began in 1913 as Chicago Junior […]

Considering a Junior Boarding School for Your Child?

Yesterday, a mom called the office asking about junior boarding schools in the south- a quick straightforward question that quickly grew from the practical to philosophical. The family was new to the notion of boarding school and, within that, working to come to terms with an eighth grade daughter who might be best served in […]

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