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Ross School Offers Merit Scholarships

File this under the ‘fantastic opportunity’ category. Ross School in Bridgehampton, NY “is offering $20,000 annual Merit Scholarships for students in grades 5-11 who demonstrate academic achievement and exceptional promise” in a number of areas. Have a demonstrated talent for the Arts, Athletics, Community Service, Math, Media, Music (Jazz), Science, or Theater? This may be […]

Boarding School Podcast Sustainablity Series

In light of the economic downturn, school sustainability and adaptive strategies have been hot topics for a number of months. No one is spared from the realities of a shrinking economy- schools, families, students- we’re all impacted. To encourage a conversation about the options available to families and schools, AQ’s Boarding School Podcast hosted a […]

Blue Ridge Schools Publishes Affordability Plan

Blue Ridge School recently added its Affordability Plan to the school’s web site laying out their commitment to affordability. It includes both philosophical and concrete examples of the school’s approaches and commitment. Among other items in the Affordability Plan, Blue Ridge has increased its financial aid budget by 30% over the past two years and, […]

A Podcast Conversation About Affording Private School in an Economic Downturn

Addressing the admissions notification and financial aid season, we produced a podcast today discussing financial aid in tight times. Peter spoke with Martin Peyer, CEO of Tuition Data Services and Jamie Miller, Director of Financial Aid at the Blue Ridge School. They explored financial aid and tuition payment strategies for families as they make their […]

Exeter Addresses Lower Endowment

In just about any other year, you’d think it would be nuts for a money manager/management team to get congratulated for having an endowment fund lose 22% of its value. 2008 was no run of the mill year for market and endowment declines. Phillips Exeter Academy‘s endowment managers held loses to 22% beating the S&P […]

The Value of Living Within One’s Means: Experience Provides Advantages for Tuition Driven Schools in Tight Times

An odd thing during these times of declining endowment income- several New England colleges are doing OK. In a Boston Globe piece several smaller tuition driven schools report that the relationship with their students and school growth haven’t yet changed much. They’re used to offering good value and opportunities- funded predominately with tuition dollars. Smaller […]

Brewster Academy Receives Largest Donation in History of the School

Michael Cooper, Brewster Academy‘s Head of School, sent the extended Brewster community (I’m a 1991 grad) a letter yesterday detailing a Lakes Region land gift valued at $6.3 million. The gift, made by former Fidelity Investments President James C. Curvey and his family, consists of over 11 acres of lakefront property. The Curvey family intends […]

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