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Where should you be in your boarding school financial aid application by mid-December?

As we’re just about three weeks out from the predominate January 10, or thereabout, financial aid application deadlines, this is a great to time to take stock of where you stand in the financial aid application process and look at what you need to get done in these last few weeks. I’m going to assume […]

Largest Gift in Dunn School History Goes Toward African Student Aid

A $2 million gift from Wendy and Barry Roland (grandparents of alumni Kelsey ‘06 and Sara ‘09 Sullivan) to Dunn School confirms the strength and global reach of American boarding schools. The Roland’s gift is the first international student only — in this case African students — that I know of. The gift resulted from […]

Grand River Academy Rewards Applicant Initiative

It’s a piece of every educator’s dream to have their students own, and initiate, their educations. But, alas, each one of our students is in a different place in terms of growth and responsibility. Our students may not be exactly where we want them in terms of planning, execution, self-control, and self-advocacy, but we’ll get […]

What It Was Like to Apply to Boarding School in 1918

A friend passed me a nifty boarding school link — the Catalogue of Philips Academy 1918-1923. It’s a fascinating read for those us in the boarding school community and those interested in boarding schools. It’s striking that 1918 was Already Andover’s 140th year. Contrast that with 1905-1910 spate of Episcopal school foundings. Those schools just […]

An Investment that’s Paying Dividends (on many levels)

Deefield Academy featured prominently in January when Bloomberg ran a piece by writers Anthony Effinger, Katherine Burton and Ari Levy titled “Top Hedge Fund Returning 45% Under Julian Robertson’s 36-Year-Old Disciple.” This is not an earth shattering headline if you’re familiar with Julian Roberston and the success of his Tiger Management Corp. in running investment […]

5 Reasons for Attending Boarding School

Boarding schools offer educational and personal growth opportunities that most public schools simply can’t match.  From academic and athletic scholarships to developing friendships that last a lifetime, boarding schools provide an avenue for enrichment. Below are 5 reasons why parents should consider boarding school for their child. 5. Exceptional Resources Boarding schools typically have resources […]

How Do I Afford Boarding School for my Child?

When deciding whether or not to send a child to boarding school, most parents’ biggest concern is the cost of tuition. Typically boarding schools cost in the range of $35,000 – $50,000 annually.  There are a number of options when looking to pay for boarding school for your child. Paying out of pocket isn’t an […]

Five Common Boarding School Myths

There are many boarding school myths, but Baylor addresses the top 5 myths you may have heard when it comes to boarding school.

Where to Begin when Thinking about Boarding School

If you are thinking about boarding school for your child, there are some things to consider as you start the process of choosing the one that is right for your child.

Loomis Chaffee Moves $3.3 million Closer to Fulfillment of $10 million Financial Aid Initiative

Yesterday Loomis Chaffee School announced a $3.3 million anonymous financial aid gift. The gift completes one-third of a $10 million push to increase financial aid and ensure that “a Loomis Chaffee education remains accessible to academically talented students from around the world, regardless of their family’s ability to pay tuition. ” ($3.3 Million Financial Aid […]

Boarding School Waiting List & Financial Aid Questions

“We’ve been wait listed; is there anything we can/should do? And, did I mention that we also need financial aid?” We’ve been individually replying to variations of these two questions several times a day for the last few weeks. However, I suspect that readers from whom we haven’t heard might benefit from having our suggestions […]

St. Andrew’s-Sewanee Announces Scholarships for Leadership, Academics & Service

St. Andrews-Sewanee School (Sewanee, TN) offers a great opportunity for highly qualified students considering a boarding school education. Under the Claiborne Scholars program, St. Andrews-Sewanee has available merit scholarships (1/2-1/4 tuition) available to new boarding 9th & 10th grade students. Qualifying students are chosen on the basis of “a strong academic record and exhibit leadership […]

Chatham Hall Receives Largest Girls’ School Gift Ever

Chatham Hall announced today that the school received a $31 million gift from the estate of alumna Elizabeth Beckwith Nilsen ’31 (The Nilsen Gift: Chatham Hall Receives Largest Gift in History of Girls’ Schools). Ms. Nilsen directed the funds be made part unrestricted endowment. Dora Thomas, Chair of the Chatham Hall Board of Trustees expressed […]

In Any Market, the Down Portion of the Cycle Offers Buying Opportunities: Private Schools Are No Different- Carpe Diem

In a piece for SmartMoney (The Private School Pinch), Neil Parmer makes the case for the current private school admission cycle as a buyers opportunity. He doesn’t sugar coat the costs but he makes the case for- and provides ideas and examples- of the negotiating and buying opportunities available to parents. Boarding and private schools […]

Now Is the Time to Give

If you believe in a boarding or independent school and you can afford to make a financial contribution, give now. Independent schools- just as colleges and universities- are working through endowment decreases and pressure. With increased financial aid demand, creating an even greater strain on institutional savings and finances. If independent school is part of […]

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