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Where should you be in your boarding school financial aid application by mid-December?

As we’re just about three weeks out from the predominate January 10, or thereabout, financial aid application deadlines, this is a great to time to take stock of where you stand in the financial aid application process and look at what you need to get done in these last few weeks. I’m going to assume […]

Variable Private School Tuition Is Arriving (at a few schools)

Variable Tuition is arriving in the private school marketplace. Tuitions require a significant family investment and schools recognize that it benefits them to make their seats accessible to families who may not be able to afford full tuition. Consultant Rick Newberry recently published, “Is Variable Tuition Right for Your School?” on his blog at Enrollment […]

Bridging the Gap: Inside Bridgton Academy’s postgraduate documentary project

A few weeks back, I introduced Bridgton Academy’s documentary project Bridging The Gap, in which Bridgton and the Wilkins family work to show how a family comes to choose a postgraduate high school experience for their son; how the experience works; and, what the postgraduate experience will mean to Cam in the long run. I […]

How to Find and Apply to a Boarding School: Top resources for families!

Updated: 1/5/2016 Helping families navigate the boarding school admission and financial aid processes is our raison d’être. We want every student and family to find the school that best fitting school. Each year, we work to stay abreast of changes in the processes; the ways that families come to the processes; and the questions you’ll […]

Top Five 2015-2016 Private School Financial Aid Application Questions

Editor’s note: What’s becoming an annual event at this crunch time in the private school school financial aid calendar, we offer some tips directly from the financial aid expert himself, Mark Mitchell, Vice President, School and Student Services (SSS By NAIS). I asked Mark to share insights on the top five questions that SSS is […]

Why Are You A Walnut Hill School for the Arts Tour Guide?

Why are you a Walnut Hill School for the Arts tour guide? What do you believe in so strongly/what’s so great about Walnut Hill that motivates to share it with prospective students? “I am a tour guide at Walnut Hill because my family and I had lots of questions about this school during the application […]

Can bankruptcy affect a family’s private school financial aid application?

A family sent the me this question; honestly, I hadn’t thought about it.  But, it’s a very real, timely, question as the 2008/2009 financial crisis wanes and families consider boarding and private schools. I suspect the parent that behind this question is not alone among the many who found themselves in difficult financial circumstances during the crunch and, […]

Boarding School is More Than Tuition: The Most Useless List of Private Schools

It’s back. Eating my breakfast this morning I noticed that The Huffington Post is running a piece titled “The Nation’s Most Expensive Private High Schools.” This year HP borrowed the list from Business Insider, “The 50 Most Expensive Private High Schools In America.” This is the second year (that I know of) for this attention […]

Save for Private School Tuition with a Coverdell ESA

Editor’s note: This is follow-up to my interview with Woodberry Forest financial aid director and independent tax preparer Mike Szydlowski: Is Private School Tax Deductible? Your Tuition Questions Answered. This post from Mike comes out of his “interest in sharing this type of information with my colleagues who work in financial aid as well as […]

Private School Tuition: Contribute without Triggering Gift Tax Limits

It’s not often that you come across something that triggers one’s “why doesn’t everybody know this?” But, I did ask myself that question after my interview with Mike Szydlowski, Woodberry Forest School, financial aid director and independent tax preparer. Is Private School Tax Deductible? Your Tuition Questions Answered I asked Mike about tax implications of […]

Saving for Private School Tuition: Coverdell ESA’s made permanent

A quick note this morning on the status of Coverdell Education Savings Accounts: Coverdell ESA’s were made permanent in the recent fiscal cliff legislation. With tax time upon us, a Coverdell ESA might be a good fit for private school savings plan. Coverdell ESA’s have a maximum contribution limit of $2000 annually so families won’t […]

An Investment that’s Paying Dividends (on many levels)

Deefield Academy featured prominently in January when Bloomberg ran a piece by writers Anthony Effinger, Katherine Burton and Ari Levy titled “Top Hedge Fund Returning 45% Under Julian Robertson’s 36-Year-Old Disciple.” This is not an earth shattering headline if you’re familiar with Julian Roberston and the success of his Tiger Management Corp. in running investment […]

A Boarding School Begins a Merit Scholarship Program

Hawaii Preparatory Academy (a coed boarding school in Kamuela, HI) is making available for award eight Ho’omau I Ka Po’okela Scholarships (Continuing With Excellence) for the coming 2012-2013. Directed toward younger students, HPA will offer one day and one boarding scholarship in grades 6 and 7, and two day and two boarding scholarships for grade 9. Recipients […]

A Boarding School Celebrates its 65th with a New Scholarship Fund in Honor of a Long-Time Faculty Member

The Phelps School President Norman Phelps announced the Phelps Paragon- a $100,000 scholarship to be awarded to one student on need basis. The fund marks more that the school’s 65th anniversary, it also honors Timothy Phelps- long-time faculty member, brother of president Norman, and son of school founder Norman, Sr. “(Timothy was) a passionate Civil […]

Private Education: Can you afford not to?

Many people, with good reason, claim that a private/independent school education is too expensive.  However, many more are realizing that they can’t afford to keep their children in their local public school.  As sad as it sounds, children across North America are being let down by the public system and, without a quality high school […]

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