AdmissionsQuest in the News

Pure fun to share this afternoon. Our boarding school expertise put us in print twice within the last week. I got to talk with Paul Sullivan of The New York Times — as well as bring a couple of colleagues, including Leo Marshall and Eric Long — to participate in For Boarding Schools, an Evolving […]

Robotics at Dublin School: Advantages, Challenges and Impact

Robotics at Dublin School: A conversation with Jason Cox FIRST Robotics Mentor Team 1786 Team 1786 started in 2010, what was it like first year to today? 1729 was our old team.  We worked together with a 4-H team for three years.  Our new website is Dublin School Robotics and is wholly maintained by students! […]

A Standing Ovation For These Seven Idyllwild Arts Students

Somewhat of a long time coming, the upside of music education has been slowly revealed to us in the last decade, as shown here, here and here. The research is adding up. The benefits of music education are profound and can impact several areas of educational development such as; Kinesthetic & Fine Motor Skills Intellectual Intelligence (IQ) Emotional […]

5 Schools with the Coolest Classes

The academic curriculum at private schools can be rather advanced and challenging. However, amidst the traditional courses like Algebra and English are spectacular learning opportunities, made possible by enriched endowments or star faculty members or access to impressive campuses, abundant in art and history. The appeal of a private school education lies not only in […]

Private Schools: Now and Then

For many boarding schools, memories are a composite of classrooms, dorm rooms, teachers, dining halls and our favorite spots around campus. As schools strategically innovate the buildings and grounds to attract new students and compete in the school marketplace, they must carefully preserve the parts of campus that are near and dear to alumni. We […]

How Schools Use Google Docs

There may have been a time when the dog ate your homework. However in the 21st century, schools have become more savvy, making it much harder for Fido to sabotage your school work. Of course, using digital technologies also makes it easier for students to submit school assignments, for teachers to grade and give feedback […]

Connecting Accepted Families via Virtual Town Meetings

Using virtual town meetings, Westover School’s invitation to their accepted family town meetings landed in my inbox yesterday. Westover has removed the physical barrier in an effort to help families make their best decisions around school fit. You no longer need to travel to ask a final round of questions/make one last connection with a school. […]

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