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Finding A Hopeful Future in High School Students

Mohamed El-Erian uses his Reuters column “Learning From Tomorrow’s Leaders” to reflect on a recent experience he had working with high school students. El-Erian sounds like a teacher whose students just had a ‘eureka’ moment. Reflecting on students’ thinking and outlooks after leading a problem solving exercises on large scale issues, El-Erian comes aware optimistic, […]

National Football Signing Day: A (Very) Rough Boarding School Report

I’ve done this in past but never found it so difficult to find press and announcements of boarding school players signing football letters of intent.

Dublin School Participates in New Hampshire Primary

During presidential primary season in New Hampshire, virtually every town, or public meeting of any kind, will receive multiple visits from candidates in the run-up to the primary. (I can’t accurately remember the number of candidates that I met during my years living and teaching in Wolfeboro and Dublin. It’s a bunch.) The best part, […]

Why Elite High School Basketball Players Flock to New England Prep Schools

At a party over the holidays (in Oxford, MS mind you), boarding schools came into the conversation, then the University of Michigan (via an alumnus), then Mitch McGary; then, before you know it, I was into a quick history and explication of prep school basketball. I shared the role it fills in the pre-collegiate space, […]

A Guided Tour of Berkshire School

Three Berkshire School students are asked: “Are you going to miss it [your Berkshire experiences upon graduation]? Three Berkshire School students all answered, “yes.” In this tour of Berkshire School‘s campus (Sheffield, Massachusetts), thee BA students (two seniors, 1 PG) speak about the boarding school advantages of an engaged and supportive faculty. Chris (PG) appreciates […]

Cate School Part Of Heart Health Study

You may know that we also cover items, topics, and happenings for the Western Boarding Schools Association’s blog. I call attention to a story on Cate School that I wrote this morning on the WBSA’s blog (Cate School To Study Adolescent and Young Adult Hearts). It’s just too interesting and important to miss. Briefly, Cate students […]

A Guided Tour of Stoneleigh-Burnham School

Stoneleigh-Burnham School students Hannah and Mary share their thoughts on the SBS experience. Academics at Stoneleigh-Burnham translate into college success. Stoneleigh girls work through a series of introductory foundational classes before moving on to advanced, or IB, level classes in the 11th and 12th grades. Core curriculum classes include work across the subject areas with […]

Boarding School Students Break a World Record

St. Mark’s School students set an unofficial new paper folding record this past Sunday. Working in MIT’s Infinite Hallway last Sunday, seventeen St. Mark’s students and their teacher, Dr. James Tanton, folded 53,000 feet of toilet paper in half thirteen times. The secured five feet long and two and ½ feet high made up of […]

Riverside Military Academy Wins President’s Trophy

Riverside Military Academy‘s Corps of Cadets captured the 2011 President’s Trophy for best marching during this year’s Veteran’s Day Parade in Atlanta- the third consecutive year the RMA Corps has won the honor. Grand Marshalls Ross McCall James Madio- of the HBO series Band of Brothers- presented the award. “This victory is the culmination of […]

A Living Experiment: How One Boarding School Strives for Greener Living

Linda Tischler covers Choate‘s new Kohler Environmental Living Center in a Fast Company article titled, “Prep Schools Lead The Way On Sustainable Living.” A gift from alumnus Herbert V. Kohler, the $20 million center will house 15-20 juniors who will be divided into teams that will compete in their efforts to live in a net […]

Basketball & Determination Light the Path to US Education Anne Buford’s “Elevate” chronicles the lives of four Senegalese basketball players as they’re given the opportunity play basketball and pursue their educations in the United States. Of the four boys chronicled in the movie, Aziz, Byago, Assane, Dethie, Assane and Dethie attend South Kent School developing as students and basketball players Assane and Dethie […]

An Educational Consultant’s Notes on The Williston Northampton School

I was very impressed with The Williston Northampton School (a co-ed boarding & day school in Easthampton, MA). Students were happy, engaged and eager to tell me what they like about Williston and why they chose it over other schools. I felt an energy everywhere, with everyone, I saw and met on campus from, staff, faculty […]

Chinese-American Student Exchange: It’s a mutual two way highway across the Pacific

We hear much about Chinese students looking to America for education options ranging from boarding school to college. An interesting short article in the Marin Independent Journal last week shows the pan pacific cross cultural and cross educational interest is a two way process. In “Marin Voice: Marin schools can lead the trend toward Asia,” […]

Looking At Girls Schools? Here’s Why You Should Consider One (Part II)

Editor’s note: This is part two of Vivian Elba’s contribution to the blog. Part one, Looking At Girls Schools? Here’s Why You Should Consider One, ran yesterday. Both installments observes the lasting influence of the girls school experience. Vivian Elba is the Director of Communications at The Ethel Walker School, a day and boarding school for […]

Looking At Girls Schools? Here’s Why You Should Consider One

Editors note: Vivian Elba, Director of Marketing & Communications at The Ethel Walker School, sent us this contribution. She’s got the voice and fervor of convert who discovered the power of girls education later in life. Vivian observes the lasting influence of milestones, relationships, and lessons that seem to be instilled with greater frequency and stronger […]

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