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Why Small Class Sizes Matter to this Boarding School Student

Dunn School sophomore Danielle tals about improved confidence and discussion abilities that come from Dunn’s small, intimate classes.

A Guided Tour of Villanova Preparatory School

Sharing their insights and observations, two Villanova Prep students touch on everything from academics to athletics during this tour of campus.

Graduation Also Means Faculty Retirements

Make sure you thank your teachers as the end of the year approaches. Especially those who connected you to their subjects or those who showed you the potential of their subjects in the “real world.”

Growing your school’s food

Katie Isaacson talks about the role that Midland School’s organic garden plays in the school community. Midland (a coed boarding school in Los Olivos, CA) cultivates 10 acres for both production and education. The school eats seasonally from the farm bounty putting-up by freezing or canning the surplus. A chalk board in the dining hall charts produce […]

Participating in the World’s Largest and Most Prestigious Arts Festival

St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School thespians will be showcased at the American High School Theatre Festival (AHSTF) in Edinburgh.

A Guided Tour of Stevenson School

Learn from a Stevenson School junior about the opportunities & strengths of a Stevenson education.

Putting the Cool in Boarding School

As part of WFSP’s Cool Schools series, reporter Mark Dixson filed four reports covering some of the uncommon, specialized experiences available to Marvelwood students.

An All-Nighter: Not the brightest idea

As final exams and due dates approach, we’ve all looked to the overnight space in our calendar and said, “I’ll stay-up all night and get that done.” But is it a good idea?

A Guided Tour of Gould Academy

A Gould Academy student share her insights into what it’s like to be a student at Gould. Two programs that she shares will strike viewers as setting Gould apart. The first is Gould’s On Snow program. Adjacent to Sunday River ski area, Gould encourages and designs its programs so that students make maximum use of […]

Shattuck-St. Mary’s Wins Boys Hockey National Championship

Congratulations to the Shattuck-St. Mary’s boys hockey team. The teams won the U18 Tier 1 National Championship for second straight year marking their fourth championship out of the last six.

Basketball Pressure That Has Nothing to do With the Game

I’m a sports fan. But, I must say, there are times when I wish I weren’t and those times almost always have to do with the hypocrisy of intercollegiate athletics and the NCAA. Whether it’s the governing body’s insistence in some faux notion of amateurism that never existed; to a student first, athlete second assertion […]

NEPSAC Prep School Basketball Tournament Winners

We’ll catching-up on some sports news that happened over spring break during a few posts this week. First, the ever-popular boys basketball tournaments.

Battling Summer Sloths: Cool Camp Options for Kids!

As the second half of the school year winds down, many adolescents are envisioning what their summer will consist of: Wii marathons, iCarly reruns, and trips to the mall.   If this doesn’t sound like the ideal way for your child to spend their two and a half months of freedom, then now is a great […]

International Students Share their Take on Boarding School

Ridley College seniors explore why they were drawn to Ridley as international students, what they’ve found at Ridley, and how this shapes their college search.

A Guided Tour of Ridley College

Ridley College (a coed boarding school in St. Catharines, Ontario) student Jackie takes viewers on tour of the Ridley campus introducing the campus and programs. Jackie appreciates the concurrent family and international perspectives that she finds at Ridley. Ridley academics feature an engaged approach with lots of hands-on learning, seminars, and exploration. Ridley students enjoy […]

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