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Miss Porter’s School Head Challenges “The Pseudoscience of Single Sex Schooling”

I didn’t think we’d have to have to wait too long for the professional reply to  “The Pseudoscience of Single Sex Schooling” (see our response). We didn’t even have to wait a full weekend. Miss Porter’s head Katherine Windsor posted her professional response to the paper over the weekend, “Dr. Windsor: The Truth About Single-Sex Schools.” With research at […]

Single Gender Schools Don’t Work?

Wow, we’re suffering from whiplash and waiting for the fireworks. On Friday we wrote (Understanding Boys’ Friendships) about Niobe Way’s Deep Secrets: Boys’ Friendships and the Crisis of Connection. Today, we write about the non-profit group American Council for CoEducational Schooling. They may be non-profit but, boy, do they seem to have an ax to […]

Looking At Girls Schools? Here’s Why You Should Consider One (Part II)

Editor’s note: This is part two of Vivian Elba’s contribution to the blog. Part one, Looking At Girls Schools? Here’s Why You Should Consider One, ran yesterday. Both installments observes the lasting influence of the girls school experience. Vivian Elba is the Director of Communications at The Ethel Walker School, a day and boarding school for […]

Looking At Girls Schools? Here’s Why You Should Consider One

Editors note: Vivian Elba, Director of Marketing & Communications at The Ethel Walker School, sent us this contribution. She’s got the voice and fervor of convert who discovered the power of girls education later in life. Vivian observes the lasting influence of milestones, relationships, and lessons that seem to be instilled with greater frequency and stronger […]

Educating Boys: Grand River Academy Reaches 180 Year Milestone

Grand River Academy, like many schools founded in eighteenth and nineteenth century, has seen some changes while maintaing relevance and longevity. Today, 180 years old, Grand River is a place where boys gain their footing and this modern mission grows directly out of the the school’s early roots. Carl Feather of The Star Beacon (Ashtabula, […]

Celebrating 100 Years at Ethel Walker School

The Hartford Courant’s Julia Stagis has written a first-class, condensed, history of Ethel Walker School‘s first 100 years. Stagis does good work tying together Walker’s written histories and the thoughts of current students. “Ethel Walker School Celebrates 100 Years” frames the school’s 2011-2012 centennial year through an historical account of Walker’s beginnings framed with thoughts […]

Salisbury School Alumnus Peter Clark: Baseball Hall of Fame Curator

Researching boarding schools players likely to be taken in the 2011 Amateur Baseball draft, I came across this interesting story about Salisbury School alumnus (’61), Peter Clark . Clark is the recently retired curator of collections for the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Clark didn’t set out to make a career at […]

Trinity-Pawling Head Talks Boys Education While Participating in Social Media

Confirming the growing power, and influence, of student produced- less formal- media, Trinity-Pawling School headmaster, Arch Smith sat for a video interview with student vloggers Teddy and Ian. This conversation dovetails nicely with yesterday’s post (Reality Coming Into Relief: Boys Education Needs Attention) covering Thomas Mortenson’s study “Economic Change Effects on Men And Implications for […]

Reality Coming Into Relief: Boys Education Needs Attention

Thomas Mortenson’s latest study on the ways that American economic and educational changes affect men, “Economic Change Effects on Men And Implications for the Education of Boys,” receives a good airing by Sarah Sparks through her Education Week blog “Inside School Research.” Boys, and men, falling behind women, and girls, isn’t a new topic. The […]

Miss Hall’s School Head Jeannie Norris To Retire

Jeannie Norris announced on April 22 that she will leave Miss Hall’s School effective June 2012. In a letter to the community, she explains that the announcement is not sudden, but, rather, a natural evolution for which she, and the the MHS trustees, have been planning. Her letter also captures that lasting affects and power […]

Purnell School Featured on the Discovery Channel

Purnell School was one of the subjects on an installment of The Profiles Series. Discovery’s Education Profile episode explores educational institutions that focus on “nourishing the abilities of the individual and developing the whole student…”- exemplifying the best in 21st century education. The Purnell segment explores the ways that Purnell helps its girls build foundations […]

Bringing Boys Education Back into Focus

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy I’m not a big television watcher, so thanks to our friends at Blue Ridge School (an all-boys boarding school in St. George, VA) for sharing this story. Earlier in March, NBC Nightly News ran a series titled, America at the Crossroads. After an […]

What’s New at Salem Academy

Lucia Uldrick, Salem Academy introduces the school’s perspective broadening January Term. Ninth and tenth grades students stay on campus taking courses that offer a different take, or, angle on traditional academic studies while juniors and seniors go off-campus working in internships in professional fields. Another part of student body travels internationally.

Seeing Boarding School Teachers in a Different Light: Grier School’s Jocelyn Hrzic Dances Before Her Students

An article that arrived on my desktop this morning gives me chance to highlight something that I know from experience but that we don’t too often get to highlight. A trait that sets some boarding school faculty apart is the fact that they are practicioners of their subject areas. It’s always interesting to come across […]

Football Signing Day: Boarding School Flavor

I can’t find a good, single list of boarding school players who signed today, but I found something close. ESPNBoston has a list of Massachusetts players scheduled to sign today. It lists high school and college with whom they’re signing. It’s missing some of the Western New England schools and looks like it might short […]

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