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Stephen Amell Proclaims “I am proud to be a part of the best all boys school in North America.”

Actor Stephen Amell proclaims the power of a St. Andrews College education.

Boys Schools and Girls Schools Can Be Great Choices

This past weekend’s New York Times Sunday Dialogue took on the question of single gender education in piece titled How to Educate Boys. I recommend the full discussion if you haven’t read it. Rather than recount/summarize the arguments, I’ll stick with a response to it. I do include some highlights from The NYT below my […]

Grand River Finds More Than 20% of Parents Consider Boarding School

Here’s a reflection of how the world changes. Grand River Academy commissioned a survey to explore just how widespread family considerations of boarding school might be. More than 20% of American parents are open to considering boarding school for their child. GRA finds that overall, 21.3% of American families, “over one-fifth of Americans ages 35 […]

From Chemistry Teacher to Headmaster: Arch Smith Celebrates 40 Years at Trinity-Pawling

When I got word of Arch Smith’s retirement announcement a few days back, I thought, “He’s been there forever. How can he leave?” An incongruous set of questions, I know, but Arch has been at T-P…almost forever. Thirty-nine years so far and, next year, Arch and Gay will conclude forty years on one school campus. […]

From Grand River Academy –The Essential Characteristics of a Boy-Friendly Learning Environment

Grand River Academy never shies away from their mission — boys education. They do nice work making the case for boys schools and their specific approaches to boys education; they’ve produced a few infographics and I just came across a pdf pamphlet they’ve done- The Essential Characteristics of a Boy-Friendly Learning Environment. If you’re interested […]

A Response to Slate: Why We Need Private Schools

You are a bad person if you send your children to private school. Not bad like murderer bad—but bad like ruining-one-of-our-nation’s-most-essential-institutions-in-order-to-get-what’s-best-for-your-kid bad. So, pretty bad. I am not an education policy wonk: I’m just judgmental….” These are the words of Allison Benedikt, who writes at Slate. (I’m also willing to bet, not a parent or a teacher.) Really? No kidding? […]

Grand River Academy Joins with John Carroll University to Create Aspire Program

Grand River Academy and John Carroll University are combining resources to create The Aspire Program. Aspire will allow Grand River’s qualified international students to begin their collegiate careers while at Grand River Academy as well as the opportunity to be admitted to John Carroll at the conclusion of their Grand River/Aspire experience. GRA international students holding […]

Ken Burns Explores the Greenwood School’s Gettysburg Address Recitation

If you’re of a certain age, been a U.S history student during the past two decades, and/or a PBS aficionado, you know Ken Burns interest in the civil war through his exhaustive 1990 documentary The Civil War. The Civil War still stands as benchmark among documentary films for its length, audience size, and quality of […]

2013 NEPSAC Girls Basketball and Hockey Championships

Congratulations to AdmissionsQuest schools who participated in the girls ice hockey and basketball finals, and/or won their respective winter championship tournaments- Tabor, Tilton, Proctor, Cushing, and The Gunnery. Basketball Girls Class A- Tabor Academy made into the girls final four. Girls Class B- Tilton beat Pomfret to take the title. Grils Class C- Proctor Academy […]

Riverside Military Academy to West Point Admission

Ever wonder how military boarding school; admission to West Point; a military career; and working in the West Point directorate of admission come together? You’ll find them all in our interview with Riverside Military Academy alumnus and Florida State Congressional District Coordinator for the Directorate of Admissions, CPT Charles Cook. In our interview CPT Cook […]

Grand River Academy: The Harlem Shake Academy Style

Anyone who’s lived and worked in boarding school knows the routine is a great help; you know what’s coming at you when. But, when the routine gets monotonous especially during the short days of winter when limited daylight and the cold push everyone indoors more than they might like, what do you do? We break […]

Miss Hall’s School Head of School Receives a Well Deserved Leadership Award

Jeannie Norris, Head of Miss Hall’s, received the Citation of Leadership Award from The Association of Boarding Schools.

“Room for Debate” Adds Voices to the Single Gender School Question

For the second time in a little over a week, we find a topic resonating, among the boarding/private school community as the topic of discussion in The New York Times “Room for Debate” series. Recently “Room for Debate” covered ADHD; last week the experts with perspectives examine single gender schools. We penned a post on […]

The Loyalty of a Girls School Graduate

For the second time in recent memory, we’ve found a boarding school connection in The Wall Street Journal’s “Donor of the Day” column. Melanie Grayce West chronicles the lasting affects of a Westover School education in the professional and personal life of Charlotte B. Beyer in “Nurturing Young Women to Be Wall Street Leaders.” Rising […]

Chinese-American Student Exchange: It’s a mutual two way highway across the Pacific

We hear much about Chinese students looking to America for education options ranging from boarding school to college. An interesting short article in the Marin Independent Journal last week shows the pan pacific cross cultural and cross educational interest is a two way process. In “Marin Voice: Marin schools can lead the trend toward Asia,” […]

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