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How Boarding Schools Are the Gateway for Chinese Student Success

Back on November 3rd, The New York Times ran a collaborative article, “The China Conundrum” combining the work of their reporter, Karin Fischer, and Tom Bartlett of The Chronicle of Higher Education. I call attention to their piece in this forum because the demand and influx of Chinese students into American higher education parallels the […]

Afghan Scholars Initiative Brings Students to Boarding School

With Afghan Scholars Initiative‘s first two students having graduated from Gould Academy and now attending Smith and Williams colleges, the program currently has students attending the Woodstock School in India, Oregon Episcopal School, and the Hotchkiss School. ASI has two interesting concurrent stories- its founding and its students. ASI is a young organization with young […]

Reflecting on His Boarding School Education

Watch the full episode. See more Morning Classical Music with Suzanne Nance. Maine Public Broadcasting’s Suzanne Nance visited with Liang Wang (Idyllwild Arts Academy ’99) at length in a 36 minute interview. Interspersed with performances, the ranging interview covers his work at Bowdoin International Music Festival, his coming to America, and his work. Wang came to America […]

Boarding School Goes Back to the Future: Public School Develops Boarding Program

Michael Winerip’s “Tiny Town Recruits Students Worldwide,” in Saturday’s New York Times chronicles the rise of an international boarding student program at Newcomb Central School (Newcomb, NY). A town under stress as industry declined and its population seeks opportunity elsewhere, Newcomb school enrollment had fallen to 55 students, K-12. Necomb’s solution comes right out of […]

The Global Family of a Boarding School: Knowing Everyone is Safe

I was so glad and thankful to see them. One by one, our students from Japan returned from March Break this week. When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on March 11th, Kents Hill School was on March vacation, and many of our Japanese students had returned home. Others were with host families, and we […]

Worcester Academy Builds Sister-School Bonds with Abaarso Tech

As part of the Worcester Academy‘s “Open Gates” program, the school has formed a sister school relationship with Abaarso Tech, Somliland, Africa. The new program pairs: “10th Grade Worcester Academy students with 10th Grade Abaarso Tech students in a sort of 21st century pen pal program. They are not only learning about different cultures, but […]

Baylor’s International Club Strengthens in Membership and in Global Ties

In his convocation address Baylor School science instructor Perry Key (’81) stated that “one doesn’t necessarily have to travel out of the country to explore the world”. This even easier thanks to the growing popularity of Baylor’s International Club. Students wanting to explore various world cultures will enjoy getting involved in this dynamic student organization. […]

North by Northwest

Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada is roughly the same circumference as England.  With less than 800,000 inhabitants, it is mostly mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches and trees, all surrounded by the Pacific Ocean: a stunningly beautiful island blessed with the warmest weather in Canada and the most breathtaking scenery one can imagine.  It also boasts […]

Communicating the Value of Boarding School to Particular Constituencies

Here’s a great example of using a blog to share thoughts that are perfectly applicable to one’s wide audience, but also speak directly to small piece of your constituency  about whom you might be working with at the time. Brentwood College School admission director Clayton Johnston, recently found himself thinking during a train ride while […]

5 Reasons why Americans Choose to Board in Canada

Many Americans wonder why they would seek to attend a Canadian boarding school?  I just wrote about this over on my own blog (Why do American Students Choose Brentwood College School?) by conveying experiences specific to my school (Brentwood College School), but here are some generic reasons why families may choose a boarding school in […]

The Dreaded Study Permit Process-A Canadian Perspective

Canadian boarding schools, much like our American counterparts work very hard to promote our institutions in foreign countries all around the world.  International students look to Canadian schools for a variety of reasons including a high quality education, an opportunity to be immersed in a English or even French environment, or simply for the cultural […]

So Exactly Why Do Boarding School Admission Officers Travel the World?

International trips are a piece of the boarding school admission world. International students are an integral part of the American boarding school fabric but, exactly how, and why, international students and families seek, connect, and choose boarding schools remains a little foggy. Stacie Grant, Director of Development at San Domenico School (CA) is blogging while […]

Kents Hill School: To China and Back

I was lucky enough to go to China this summer, a country I have long wanted to visit. As the Director of the International Program and Chair of the ESL Department at Kents Hill School, I was excited to travel to one of the countries that I had heard so much about from my students. […]

Mrs. Richardson, do I get points for trying Marmite?

I have been thinking a lot, lately, about the value of trying new things. In my capacity as Director of the International and ESL programs at Kents Hill, I am constantly amazed at the myriad encounters that my ESL and international students have with new things, each and every day. They are bombarded by new […]

From Canada to India-Sedbergh Students Blog at 2009 Round Square Conference

Their bags are packed and there are four very excited Sedbergh Students and one Faculty member who are about to embark on an adventure and cultural experience of a lifetime. For Hayden, Bronwyn, Christopher, Kiara and Mr. Parkes this adventure begins as they depart for India and the 2009 Round Square Conference. Round Square is […]

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