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Looking At Girls Schools? Here’s Why You Should Consider One (Part II)

Editor’s note: This is part two of Vivian Elba’s contribution to the blog. Part one, Looking At Girls Schools? Here’s Why You Should Consider One, ran yesterday. Both installments observes the lasting influence of the girls school experience. Vivian Elba is the Director of Communications at The Ethel Walker School, a day and boarding school for […]

Looking At Girls Schools? Here’s Why You Should Consider One

Editors note: Vivian Elba, Director of Marketing & Communications at The Ethel Walker School, sent us this contribution. She’s got the voice and fervor of convert who discovered the power of girls education later in life. Vivian observes the lasting influence of milestones, relationships, and lessons that seem to be instilled with greater frequency and stronger […]

Grads Recommend Savoring Every Second of Your Boarding School Orientation

As the late afternoon shadows begin to lengthen, and Labor Day nears, it’s time to focus some attention to the first few days of school- especially orientation. Many of you- students and faculty- will begin school in earnest just after Labor Day. That means new student orientation followed by the arrival of returning students and […]

Celebrating 100 Years at Ethel Walker School

The Hartford Courant’s Julia Stagis has written a first-class, condensed, history of Ethel Walker School‘s first 100 years. Stagis does good work tying together Walker’s written histories and the thoughts of current students. “Ethel Walker School Celebrates 100 Years” frames the school’s 2011-2012 centennial year through an historical account of Walker’s beginnings framed with thoughts […]

Miss Hall’s School Head Jeannie Norris To Retire

Jeannie Norris announced on April 22 that she will leave Miss Hall’s School effective June 2012. In a letter to the community, she explains that the announcement is not sudden, but, rather, a natural evolution for which she, and the the MHS trustees, have been planning. Her letter also captures that lasting affects and power […]

Purnell School Featured on the Discovery Channel

Purnell School was one of the subjects on an installment of The Profiles Series. Discovery’s Education Profile episode explores educational institutions that focus on “nourishing the abilities of the individual and developing the whole student…”- exemplifying the best in 21st century education. The Purnell segment explores the ways that Purnell helps its girls build foundations […]

Stoneleigh-Burnham School Adopts the IB

Stoneleigh-Burnham School (Greenfield, MA) joins the growing list of American boarding schools adopting the International Baccalaureate program to shape their acdemic programs. Stoneleigh becomes the third girls boarding school, and the first in New England girls boarding school, to adopt the IB. Stoneleigh is currently wrapping up its IB accredidation and adoption process. SB-S will […]

What’s New at Salem Academy

Lucia Uldrick, Salem Academy introduces the school’s perspective broadening January Term. Ninth and tenth grades students stay on campus taking courses that offer a different take, or, angle on traditional academic studies while juniors and seniors go off-campus working in internships in professional fields. Another part of student body travels internationally.

Seeing Boarding School Teachers in a Different Light: Grier School’s Jocelyn Hrzic Dances Before Her Students

An article that arrived on my desktop this morning gives me chance to highlight something that I know from experience but that we don’t too often get to highlight. A trait that sets some boarding school faculty apart is the fact that they are practicioners of their subject areas. It’s always interesting to come across […]

One Boarding School’s Community Wide Internship Program

Allison Smith explores Miss Hall’s School‘s Horizons Program. Horizons is an internship based community service program that begins in a student’s ninth grade year. Year one has students working in the greenhouse growing and caring for plants while learning basic business principles in a classroom setting. 10th through 12th grade girls go off campus to […]

An Educational Consultant’s Notes on Westover School

Westover School offers a highly academic, all female campus- a very intellectual environment- where each girl gains a voice and a sense of confidence. ‘Y Girls’ are free to be themselves. You can take yourself seriously; you can have a social sense of responsibility; learn to take a role that is global; and gain a […]

A Pendulum Too Far: Is it time to pay attention to boys education?

Lisa Wolfe published a thoughtful musing on the current state of boys education over at The Daily Beast, “Boys’ Self Esteem Problems.” She begins, interestingly, with a question posited by a colleague of mine about 20 years ago.  We had been sitting through faculty meetings, over a few years, with topic-after-topic, idea-after-idea, and speaker-after-speaker covering […]

So Exactly Why Do Boarding School Admission Officers Travel the World?

International trips are a piece of the boarding school admission world. International students are an integral part of the American boarding school fabric but, exactly how, and why, international students and families seek, connect, and choose boarding schools remains a little foggy. Stacie Grant, Director of Development at San Domenico School (CA) is blogging while […]

Working in Boarding Schools Runs in the Family

One of those small world connections over the weekend- last week we published my video tour of Wyoming Seminary with associate admission director Kevin Blaum. He spoke modestly about his accomplished, Sem alumnae, daughters.  Today, I get to highlight one daughter, Caroline Blaum.  She was the subject of an article at Examiner.com (Oldfields Builds Field […]

A Guided Tour of Miss Hall’s School

Tour the Miss Hall’s School campus with Allison Smith, assistant director of admission. As you watch, keep an eye out for the sense of community that weaves its way into every stop. Ms. Smith introduces viewers to Miss Hall’s palces, spaces, rhythms, and routines. The tour opens in the ‘Living Room.’ Restored and decorated to […]

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