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2016 Boarding School Acceptance Videos: Students & Faculty Welcome New Students!

Note: Updated 3/11. New videos added: St. Paul’s School, Pomfret School, & Phillips Academy It’s admission decision day (March 10th 2016) and, in what’s an annual event for us, here’s our gathering of 2016 Boarding School Acceptance Videos. We’ll post additional videos as we find them and as readers send them to us. Send yours […]

How to Find and Apply to a Boarding School: Top resources for families!

Updated: 1/5/2016 Helping families navigate the boarding school admission and financial aid processes is our raison d’être. We want every student and family to find the school that best fitting school. Each year, we work to stay abreast of changes in the processes; the ways that families come to the processes; and the questions you’ll […]

2015 NEPSAC Winter Athletic Tournament Results

The great NEPSAC and NEISWA winter prep school sports tournaments concluded this past weekend…You gotta love the way winter sports lend themselves to tight tournament action! Once again, both sanctioning bodies New England Preparatory Schools Athletic Council (NEPSAC) and and New England Independent School Wrestling Association (NEISWA) did great jobs of keeping the brackets up […]

Boys Schools and Girls Schools Can Be Great Choices

This past weekend’s New York Times Sunday Dialogue took on the question of single gender education in piece titled How to Educate Boys. I recommend the full discussion if you haven’t read it. Rather than recount/summarize the arguments, I’ll stick with a response to it. I do include some highlights from The NYT below my […]

A Response to Slate: Why We Need Private Schools

You are a bad person if you send your children to private school. Not bad like murderer bad—but bad like ruining-one-of-our-nation’s-most-essential-institutions-in-order-to-get-what’s-best-for-your-kid bad. So, pretty bad. I am not an education policy wonk: I’m just judgmental….” These are the words of Allison Benedikt, who writes at Slate. (I’m also willing to bet, not a parent or a teacher.) Really? No kidding? […]

Connecting Accepted Families via Virtual Town Meetings

Using virtual town meetings, Westover School’s invitation to their accepted family town meetings landed in my inbox yesterday. Westover has removed the physical barrier in an effort to help families make their best decisions around school fit. You no longer need to travel to ask a final round of questions/make one last connection with a school. […]

2013 NEPSAC Girls Basketball and Hockey Championships

Congratulations to AdmissionsQuest schools who participated in the girls ice hockey and basketball finals, and/or won their respective winter championship tournaments- Tabor, Tilton, Proctor, Cushing, and The Gunnery. Basketball Girls Class A- Tabor Academy made into the girls final four. Girls Class B- Tilton beat Pomfret to take the title. Grils Class C- Proctor Academy […]

Miss Hall’s School Head of School Receives a Well Deserved Leadership Award

Jeannie Norris, Head of Miss Hall’s, received the Citation of Leadership Award from The Association of Boarding Schools.

A Guided Tour of Stoneleigh-Burnham School

Stoneleigh-Burnham School students Hannah and Mary share their thoughts on the SBS experience. Academics at Stoneleigh-Burnham translate into college success. Stoneleigh girls work through a series of introductory foundational classes before moving on to advanced, or IB, level classes in the 11th and 12th grades. Core curriculum classes include work across the subject areas with […]

What is the International Baccalaureate (IB)?

Stoneleigh-Burnham School English teacher, Alex Bogel explains the foundation that underlies the International Baccalaureate (IB).

“Room for Debate” Adds Voices to the Single Gender School Question

For the second time in a little over a week, we find a topic resonating, among the boarding/private school community as the topic of discussion in The New York Times “Room for Debate” series. Recently “Room for Debate” covered ADHD; last week the experts with perspectives examine single gender schools. We penned a post on […]

The Loyalty of a Girls School Graduate

For the second time in recent memory, we’ve found a boarding school connection in The Wall Street Journal’s “Donor of the Day” column. Melanie Grayce West chronicles the lasting affects of a Westover School education in the professional and personal life of Charlotte B. Beyer in “Nurturing Young Women to Be Wall Street Leaders.” Rising […]

Chinese-American Student Exchange: It’s a mutual two way highway across the Pacific

We hear much about Chinese students looking to America for education options ranging from boarding school to college. An interesting short article in the Marin Independent Journal last week shows the pan pacific cross cultural and cross educational interest is a two way process. In “Marin Voice: Marin schools can lead the trend toward Asia,” […]

Miss Porter’s School Head Challenges “The Pseudoscience of Single Sex Schooling”

I didn’t think we’d have to have to wait too long for the professional reply to  “The Pseudoscience of Single Sex Schooling” (see our response). We didn’t even have to wait a full weekend. Miss Porter’s head Katherine Windsor posted her professional response to the paper over the weekend, “Dr. Windsor: The Truth About Single-Sex Schools.” With research at […]

Single Gender Schools Don’t Work?

Wow, we’re suffering from whiplash and waiting for the fireworks. On Friday we wrote (Understanding Boys’ Friendships) about Niobe Way’s Deep Secrets: Boys’ Friendships and the Crisis of Connection. Today, we write about the non-profit group American Council for CoEducational Schooling. They may be non-profit but, boy, do they seem to have an ax to […]

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