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St. Andrew’s-Sewanee Mascot Change Goes Moo Far

St. Andrew’s-Sewanee’s recent move to drop the “Mountain Lion” mascot in favor of a “Guernsey Cow” stirs a milkshake-thick controversy.

Elite 8: Boarding Schools Were Well Represented

Prep schools (New England schools especially) play some of the best boys high school basketball out there. It’s always impressive to see the number of prep school players on college basketball rosters of the highest level.

National Football Signing Day: A (Very) Rough Boarding School Report

I’ve done this in past but never found it so difficult to find press and announcements of boarding school players signing football letters of intent.

Boarding School Alumni in the 2012 Super Bowl

Always looking for boarding school alumni in big stages, I’ve found three players in Sunday’s Super Bowl. This list isn’t exhaustive. If I didn’t find someone, please add them to the comments.

The Broad Range of Southeastern Boarding Schools

Atlanta Journal Constitution published a piece covering why metro Atlanta families are choosing boarding schools as an educational option. Dodd is good. She covers all the benefits of boarding school, but I’ll lend some perspective and encourage families to perhaps cast a wider net.

Name the only boarding school with a Heisman Trophy in its case?

This morning I offer a boarding school connection to the Heisman Trophy- a little fun this morning as many of us head into exams and grading before heading home for the break. Saturday, Baylor’s Robert Griffin III won the 2011 Heisman Trophy. Name the only boarding school with a Heisman winner and trophy in its […]

Riverside Military Academy Wins President’s Trophy

Riverside Military Academy‘s Corps of Cadets captured the 2011 President’s Trophy for best marching during this year’s Veteran’s Day Parade in Atlanta- the third consecutive year the RMA Corps has won the honor. Grand Marshalls Ross McCall James Madio- of the HBO series Band of Brothers- presented the award. “This victory is the culmination of […]

A Boarding School with a Top Tier Mountaineering Program

Asheville School’s mountaineering program has earned a five year accreditation from Association of Experiential Education (AEE) making Asheville one of only 11 secondary schools worldwide to carry such distinction. Ed Maggart, Asheville’s director of mountaineering expressed his belief in the program: “We have always had an outstanding Mountaineering Program at Asheville School and now we are […]

A Guided Tour of McCallie School [Video]

Taking the audience inside McCallie School, J.T. and Ned make a strong case for McCallie and as well as the boys school experience in general. Both young men, independently, come to talk about their relationships with faculty and each other- the brotherhood. JT closes the video with this warm appreciation of the relationships that he’s […]

Starting the Year Off Right: Communicating with Your Roommate

Celeste Brooks at Randolph-Macon Academy has posted, “Boarding School: 12 Ways to Ease into Living with a Roommate, Part 2,” the second half of her school arrival piece. Again, she’s hit some topics that we haven’t paid quite so much attention to in our writings. This second installment looks directly at strategies, and ways, to […]

A Guided Student Tour of Baylor School [Video]

Seniors Tenley and Ryan share Baylor School‘s campus and their student experiences. Strong opportunities drew both to Baylor. Baylor in the mold of a great school has helped both students flourish in their areas of strength while stretching them to discover and broaden their talents in other areas. Tenley was drawn to Baylor on the […]

A Guided Tour of St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School

St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School students Jacob, Joshua, and Charley share their thoughts and insights into what makes SA-S a vibrant, tightly-knit community. To this observer, the strength and breadth of the SA-S student experience proves quite remarkable. The arts, sciences, humanities, and athletics all offer strong wide-ranging opportunities for students. Jacob explores the academic offerings highlighting […]

Take A Guided Tour of The Webb School

The Webb School (Bell Buckle, TN) juniors Radha and Sarah share their insights and appreciations of their Webb School school life. They touch on the school traditions of Senior Boards, the Junior Room, a connection to natural beauty, chapel, and public speaking. Webb requires a public speaking demonstration of each student, each year. Ninth graders perform […]

Developing a Charter Boarding School

Knoxville College president Dr. Horace Judson and Genesis Rock Foundation president Russ Smith are working to bring their vision for a charter boarding school in the South up and running on the Knoxville College Campus by the coming fall. The men believe that a boarding environment offers the strongest path to school success for their […]

Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School Appoints Anthony Sgro 10th Head

Anthony Sgro, who holds a Ed.D from the University of Pennsylvania, comes to Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School from a twelve year tenure at Woodbury Forest (VA) where he concluded as assistant head and dean of students. His Woodbury Forest, and personal experiences, evince a deep, wide understanding, as well as a commitment to, boarding school. Sgro […]

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