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The Science of Boys’ Education

An infographic by Grand River Academy covers the science of boys’ education by looking at their brain development.

Grand River Finds More Than 20% of Parents Consider Boarding School

Here’s a reflection of how the world changes. Grand River Academy commissioned a survey to explore just how widespread family considerations of boarding school might be. More than 20% of American parents are open to considering boarding school for their child. GRA finds that overall, 21.3% of American families, “over one-fifth of Americans ages 35 […]

Shattuck-St. Mary’s Hockey Teams Win Three National Championships

Prep school hockey is among the best; think back to the number of women with boarding school hockey backgrounds on this year’s Olympic ice hockey team. In any context though, this national championship hat trick for Shattuck-St. Mary’s hockey teams is quite something. This past Sunday the S-SM Sabres won their second consecutive title in […]

Grand River Academy Rewards Applicant Initiative

It’s a piece of every educator’s dream to have their students own, and initiate, their educations. But, alas, each one of our students is in a different place in terms of growth and responsibility. Our students may not be exactly where we want them in terms of planning, execution, self-control, and self-advocacy, but we’ll get […]

Grand River Academy Joins with John Carroll University to Create Aspire Program

Grand River Academy and John Carroll University are combining resources to create The Aspire Program. Aspire will allow Grand River’s qualified international students to begin their collegiate careers while at Grand River Academy as well as the opportunity to be admitted to John Carroll at the conclusion of their Grand River/Aspire experience. GRA international students holding […]

Grand River Academy: The Harlem Shake Academy Style

Anyone who’s lived and worked in boarding school knows the routine is a great help; you know what’s coming at you when. But, when the routine gets monotonous especially during the short days of winter when limited daylight and the cold push everyone indoors more than they might like, what do you do? We break […]

What’s the Best School? The School Your Child Needs

Regular readers, and many for whom we’ve answered questions over the years, might be able to recite by heart our answer to “what’s the best school?” No single ‘best’ school exists. Every student is different in where they stand and to where they hope to grow as they work through school. The best school for […]

Graduation Also Means Faculty Retirements

Make sure you thank your teachers as the end of the year approaches. Especially those who connected you to their subjects or those who showed you the potential of their subjects in the “real world.”

Shattuck-St. Mary’s Wins Boys Hockey National Championship

Congratulations to the Shattuck-St. Mary’s boys hockey team. The teams won the U18 Tier 1 National Championship for second straight year marking their fourth championship out of the last six.

Shattuck-St. Mary’s Wins Inaugural World Sports School Challenge Gold

Late in December the Shattuck-St. Mary’s boys Hockey team defeated Finland 5-3 to win the first World Sports School Challenge (WSSC) gold medal.

Head of School Searches: It’s Announcement Time

Update (11/16/2011 11/18/2011 11/29/11 12/1/11): since posting this piece, we’ve learned of head of school announcements at Gould Academy, Tilton School, Miss Hall’s School, West Nottingham Academy & Brentwood College School. Thanks to all for reaching out. Full write ups are below. We’ve seen three five six seven eight head searches for summer 2012 appointments concluding in the past few weeks and we suspect that […]

Culver Alumnus Gary Suter Member of the US Hockey Hall of Fame 2011 Class

Gary Suter graduated from Culver Academies in 1982 and was member of three Indiana state championship teams. Suter played 17 years in NHL after being drafted by the Calgary Flames in the ninth round (180th overall) of the 1984 NHL draft. He played on both Olympic medal, World Cup of Hockey, and Stanley Cup winning […]

Global Online Academy Launches This Fall with a Boarding School Member

In what could prove to be a model for online collaboration among independent schools, Cranbook Schools (Bloomfield Hills, MI) is one of the 10 charter members (and the only boarding school) of Global Online Academy. Global Online Academy is a non-profit consortium of ten schools working to bring rigorous academic courses and great teaching online so that […]

Educating Boys: Grand River Academy Reaches 180 Year Milestone

Grand River Academy, like many schools founded in eighteenth and nineteenth century, has seen some changes while maintaing relevance and longevity. Today, 180 years old, Grand River is a place where boys gain their footing and this modern mission grows directly out of the the school’s early roots. Carl Feather of The Star Beacon (Ashtabula, […]

Sadly, We Note the Closing of Fox River Country Day School

With heavy hearts, we read about the announced closing of Fox River Country Day School in Elgin, Illinois this morning. Many people may not know that Fox River has a boarding school history, and operated a small junior boarding program (20 students, grades 5-8) through this year. The school began in 1913 as Chicago Junior […]

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