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Controlling One’s Destiny through Education

NBA’er & Blair Academy grad Royal Ivey is the subject of NY Times sportswriter William Roden’s “Even The Player Who Made It Knows the Value of a Backup Plan.”

A Great Boarding School Teacher Nears Retirement: FUMA’s Fletcher Arritt

As a young teacher watching him coach, I knew Fork Union Military Academy’s Fletcher Arritt was good. I didn’t know how good. Twenty+ years later and thanks to Erik Brady’s USA Today article, “Outgoing Coach Molded Men for Four Decades,” and Phil Wall’s documentary work I’m in awe.

National Football Signing Day: A (Very) Rough Boarding School Report

I’ve done this in past but never found it so difficult to find press and announcements of boarding school players signing football letters of intent.

Boarding School Alumni in the 2012 Super Bowl

Always looking for boarding school alumni in big stages, I’ve found three players in Sunday’s Super Bowl. This list isn’t exhaustive. If I didn’t find someone, please add them to the comments.

A Lacrosse Coach Talks Prep School Athletic Admission

Mark Schindler, Mercersburg Academy (a coed boarding school in Mercersburg Academy) assistant director of admission and head lacrosse coach, offers his perspectives on the roles that athletic talent can play in a student’s private school admission process.

Holding On To Your September Optimism

We’ve been grinding for months. We’ve made it through the longest part of the school year without a major break (September to Thanksgiving) and now many of us will enter the final exam crunch next week- for students taking exams and faculty grading and writing comments. We’re tired. Here’s a fun video that that Trinity-Pawling […]

Head of School Searches: It’s Announcement Time

Update (11/16/2011 11/18/2011 11/29/11 12/1/11): since posting this piece, we’ve learned of head of school announcements at Gould Academy, Tilton School, Miss Hall’s School, West Nottingham Academy & Brentwood College School. Thanks to all for reaching out. Full write ups are below. We’ve seen three five six seven eight head searches for summer 2012 appointments concluding in the past few weeks and we suspect that […]

Learning from Failure: A Key to Future Success

Nancy van Arkel, Westtown School Middle School Principal knows, lives, and practices Paul Tough’s New York Times Magazine article “What if the Secret to Success Is Failure?” Like Tough, van Arkel sees failure- more specifically learning from failure- as key to future success for her students. van Arkel rhetorically asks: “How many of us learn life’s […]

Hurricane Irene Swallows The Hun School’s Athletic Fields

Hurricane Irene’s affects- especially flooding from New Jersey to Vermont- are ongoing and well documented. Here’s a short video capturing the rise of the rain-swollen Stony Brook river as the Irene produced waters swallow The Hun School‘s (a co-ed boarding school in Princeton, NJ) athletic fields.

Starting the Year Off Right: Communicating with Your Roommate

Celeste Brooks at Randolph-Macon Academy has posted, “Boarding School: 12 Ways to Ease into Living with a Roommate, Part 2,” the second half of her school arrival piece. Again, she’s hit some topics that we haven’t paid quite so much attention to in our writings. This second installment looks directly at strategies, and ways, to […]

A Successful Year Begins with Successful Communication: Tips from Randolph Macon-Academy

Thanks to Cleseste Brooks of Randolph-Macon Academy for making us think on this front. She penned her first installment of “Boarding School: 12 Ways to Ease Into Living With a Roommate, Part 1,” where she puts more emphasis on the personal, and interpersonal, parts of arriving to school in the fall. We’ve written extensively over […]

Helping Students Build a Foundation for a Mathematical Future

Building on the effort to help students build a stronger mathematics foundation, Westtown School is expanding its adoption of the Singapore Math curriculum. Westtown will now use the curriculum throughout the elementary and middle school grades. The expansive adoption of Singapore Math is Westtown’s response to American student’s poor standing on a number of math […]

Hun School Students Awarded 200k as Part of 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship

Hun seniors David Merfield and John Marbach were each named as the part of the first members of the 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship on May 25th. As part of Thiel’s 12 Under 20 program each will receive a $100,000 grant to fund pursuit of their technology ideas. From The Hun School: “Although they applied […]

A Guided Tour of Perkiomen School

2009 Perkiomen School alumnus J.J. takes viewers on a campus tour while sharing his school experiences and insights. Two themes run throughout J.J.’s tour: The opportunity to try and experience new things Strong relationships- students-to-faculty and student-to-student Perkiomen seems to have a place for both the novice and the experienced student in all parts of […]

A Boarding School Celebrates its 65th with a New Scholarship Fund in Honor of a Long-Time Faculty Member

The Phelps School President Norman Phelps announced the Phelps Paragon- a $100,000 scholarship to be awarded to one student on need basis. The fund marks more that the school’s 65th anniversary, it also honors Timothy Phelps- long-time faculty member, brother of president Norman, and son of school founder Norman, Sr. “(Timothy was) a passionate Civil […]

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