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Direct from Admission Directors: 5 Tips for Applying to Boarding Schools

Admission directors of the Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Group — Blair Academy (NJ), Mercersburg Academy (PA), St. Andrew’s School (DE), Episcopal High School (VA), and Peddie School (NJ) — put together an excellent video. It’s designed to help families and students make sure that they understand the admission process and to alleviate some stress from the […]

Mercersburg Names Katherine Titus Head of School

David O. Frantz ’60, President of Mercersburg Academy’s Board of Regents, announced yesterday that the board has named Katherine Titus as the school’s seventh head. Titus will begin her tenure July 1, 2016. “The search committee was immediately attracted to Katie’s drive, intelligence, and warmth. These important characteristics combined with her deep and varied experiences […]

Learn Why Four Boarding School Heads Keep One Foot in the Classroom

Modern boarding school heads face an amazing array of time and intellectual demands- everything from the school’s daily operation; to strategic planning; to fundraising; to attending meals; to student discipline; of course students and faculty are also part of the equation. These constituencies pull heads in all sorts of directions- daily. Given these demands my […]

A Guided Tour of West Nottingham Academy

Let student tour guides, Adele, Ryan and McKayla share West Nottingham Academy and their WNA experiences with you. They do great job of introducing viewers to the oldest boarding school in America. WNA features a warm, strong community with a wide array of programs and opportunities. Adele, Ryan and McKayla cover all aspects of WNA […]

Fork Union: Foundation of Cardale Jones Success

I’ll admit, sometimes as boarding school faculty member we didn’t know if personally, or structurally, we were getting through to a student. It’s true that some students arrive to boarding school reluctantly. Most don’t. But, some arrive either irritated with their parents; believing that they know everything, already; or, that this crazy place, with all […]

2014 NFL Draft Tally: Fork Union Military – 5; University of Texas – 0

Fork Union Military Academy had more players taken in this year’s NFL Draft than the University of Texas. (Full disclosure, I’m Texas fan.) Simply amazing. This tells you just how strong the FUMA football program is, and has been for some time. Take a look at FUMA’s football alumni page. FUMA’s 2014 draftees: Carlos Hyde […]

Graduates: A Commencement Speech Not To Be Missed

Every year a small stream of commencement speeches find their way into my inbox. Most are standard fare- nice; but nothing that makes you go ‘ah, I should think about [insert subject].” I’m picky; these speeches are a trite, overworked, form. How many commencement speeches do you really want to read, and, or write about? […]

Asheville Releases In-house Built App for iPhone and iPad

Asheville isn’t the first school to release an iPhone/iPad app devoted to covering and following school happenings, “Asheville School App Now Available on App Store.” But, they are the first that I know of- to have built the app in-house. Asheville Technology Coordinator Charles Long and Director of Communications Bob Williams created the app. And, […]

An Educational Consultant’s Review of Asheville School

Respect, Honor, Belonging, Character, Vision, and Community, these words characterized my visit to Asheville School (a coed boarding school in Asheville, NC).

Trip Darrin Appointed Blue Ridge School Headmaster

After serving as acting headmaster eleven months, Blue Ridge trustees announced Darrin’s permanent appointment as Headmaster.

Kevin McClatchy: It’s never to late to set a positive example

Examples like McClatchy’s are incredibly important as gay students work to understand and accept who they are and as adults work to help and support them.

Making Sure A Post Graduate Applicant Fits

Hargrave Military Academy, published an interesting piece in which he shares all the moving parts of the PG admission equation.

Mercersberg Faculty Send Off Students with “Call Me Maybe”

A little fun to start the week, Mercersberg faculty enter the “Call Me Maybe” in a fourteen passenger team van phenomenon with their lip sync rendition of the song.

Elite 8: Boarding Schools Were Well Represented

Prep schools (New England schools especially) play some of the best boys high school basketball out there. It’s always impressive to see the number of prep school players on college basketball rosters of the highest level.

The Sensibilities of ‘The WASP Woody Allen’

Whit Stillman, his movies, & his sensibilities are the subjects of Chip Brown’s “Whit Stillman and the Song of the Preppy,” in the New York Times Magazine.

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