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A Guided Tour of Midland School

Two Midland School student share their insights and experiences with viewers during this tour of the California (CA) boarding school that they call home.

Keeping Families Connected at a Boarding School: Who said it has to be stuffy?

Recently I wrote my annual piece on what to bring- and equally important- what not to bring to school. I always advise “ask your school; they publish a list what you need.” While preparing the post, I came across Gould Academy’s handling of preparing, packing, and arriving- a five part series titled “Information for New […]

A Guided Tour of Gould Academy

A Gould Academy student share her insights into what it’s like to be a student at Gould. Two programs that she shares will strike viewers as setting Gould apart. The first is Gould’s On Snow program. Adjacent to Sunday River ski area, Gould encourages and designs its programs so that students make maximum use of […]

What’s it like to live at a boarding school?

Rachael Scott director of residential life at Ridley College talks about this boarding school’s residential life program and its role in student lives.

December at a Boarding School

Okay, September seems like 3 minutes ago, not 3 months.  This being said, it is now hard to differentiate between the students that started in the fall and those that have been here for a year or longer.  At our school (www.brentwood.bc.ca), it appears to be a seamless transition and it seems like all of […]

A Successful Year Begins with Successful Communication: Tips from Randolph Macon-Academy

Thanks to Cleseste Brooks of Randolph-Macon Academy for making us think on this front. She penned her first installment of “Boarding School: 12 Ways to Ease Into Living With a Roommate, Part 1,” where she puts more emphasis on the personal, and interpersonal, parts of arriving to school in the fall. We’ve written extensively over […]

Never Underestimate the Role of Meals in a Boarding School

You can’t underestimate the role of meals in a boarding school. Cafeteria, or sit-down, meals are where the school comes together multiple times daily to slow-down, share, enjoy each other, and eat. A good dining hall can make the whole school work. Great food and great people in the dining hall mean so much and […]

Baylor School Dishes Up International Specialties

Gary Klein, Catering Director at Baylor School, provides a unique experience to those who frequent the school’s dining hall for meals. Klein’s extensive travels throughout the world coupled with his culinary background gives him the ability to serve dishes that are the envy of many boarding schools. “These [boarding] students are far from home, and […]

A Small Catholic Boarding School Living its Mission

Saint Bernard Preparatory School seniors J.C. and Mary Katherine provide insights into opportunities and approaches unique to a St. Bernard’s education. Their tour highlights the school’s connection to St. Bernard Abbey and the participation of the monks in school life. St. Bernard Prep is an educational mission of the Abbey. Their traditional academics feature small […]

5 Reasons for Attending Boarding School

Boarding schools offer educational and personal growth opportunities that most public schools simply can’t match.  From academic and athletic scholarships to developing friendships that last a lifetime, boarding schools provide an avenue for enrichment. Below are 5 reasons why parents should consider boarding school for their child. 5. Exceptional Resources Boarding schools typically have resources […]

Experience Blair Academy through the Eyes of a Student

Blair Academy senior, Scott ’11 shares his insights and thoughts about the ways that Blair’s strength as a community binds the school and runs through all aspects of a student’s Blair experience. Scott touches on the conversational tone set in classes. Sharing thoughts and ideas occurs across all subject areas is “…one of his (Scott’s) […]

A Day Unplugged: Could you do it?

As a September experiment, Hyde School-Woodstock has committed to setting aside cell phones, texting, email, and Internet each Tuesday in September. The moratorium comes about through community discussions about the effects of technology on individuals and the larger school community. “We’re talking about and tackling this as a community…It takes a high level of awareness […]

Showcasing a Bay Area Boarding School! Woodside Priory Head of School Takes you on a Campus Tour

Tim Molak, Woodside Priory School Head, weaves Woodside’s connection to place throughout his campus tour with AdmissionsQuest’s Peter Baron. Woodside’s geography and physical plant help make Woodside an engaged and contemplative community. Woodside’s five Benedictine values- hospitality, spirituality, individuality, community, and integrity- come to life through the school’s campus and programs. Tour highlights include, Founders […]

Must See Boarding School TV: Student Led Campus Tour of Tilton School

Tilton School (Tilton, NH) rising senior Carey paints a picture of school life. While taking viewers on a tour of Tilton facilities- regular ‘must sees’- dining hall, quad, theater, chapel and athletic facilities, Carey talks about how active student life is.  He remarks on how teachers push and stretch Tilton students and highlights two interesting […]

Going to Culver Academies

Culver Academies students Michael and Monique explore how and why a Culver education fits them. Talking with AdmissionsQuest’s Peter Baron, Michael explains the appeal and traditions of Culver’s Black Horse Troop- known for escorting the incoming United States Presidents as part of inaugural ceremonies. Monique talks about asking her mother to explore boarding school options; […]

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