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WWE Star John Cena Gives a Knockout Graduation Speech

WWE star John Cena gives a graduation speech for the books. Watch him address the Cushing Academy class of 2015!

Mount Hermon’s Famous Fire and Football Picture: A Life of It’s Own

The real story behind the infamous Mount Hermon fire and football photograph.

Looking for a Summer Program That Includes Academic Growth for Your Student? Consider a Summer Boarding School Experience

Find the benefits of camp and boarding school in a summer boarding school.

Six Important Life Lessons Boarding Schools Teach

New York Time columnist David Brooks struck readers’ collective nerves this past Sunday with a piece titled “The Moral Bucket List.” He reflects on people he sees, who selflessly contribute to their communities and others. I bring Brooks into this space because good boarding school communities teach so much of what he sees that creates […]

Darlington School Freshman Class Hosts Special Olympics On Campus

Darlington School’s freshman class hosted the Floyd County Special Olympics for about 265 Special Olympians on the school’s campus.

Parents, beware the mid-winter school blues

For many students, today is the official 100th day of school. Here at Aspen Country Day, our Lower Schoolers are doing show-and-tell with the collections they brought from home: 100 rose petals, 100 Legos, and even (clever!) 100 drops of water. After lunch, we’ll light 100 candles on a cake to celebrate this mini-landmark in […]

Moses Brown Closes School with “Let It Go” Parody

As our friends in the northeast prepared for the blizzard that did, or didn’t arrive, Moses Brown School (Providence, RI) head Matt Glendinning and performing arts chair Justin Peters combined to announce Moses Brown’s snow day closing via a hilarious parody of “Let It Go” from Frozen. Glendinning lip syncs over Peters’ (really good) vocals […]

Kent’s Hill School: MMQB Finds The Good of Small School Football

OK, I’m a little late to the party on this one. I missed Greg A. Bedard’s November Monday Morning Quarterback piece about Kents Hill School football, The Good in the Game. Bedard devoted his 5 November MMQB column to covering Kents Hill’s small school football team, making the argument that football can still be good, and […]

Top 10 Boarding School Blog Posts of 2014

2015 brings us to an our annual Boarding School blog post review – Top 10 Boarding School Blog Posts of 2014. We poured over the numbers to rank our top content over the course of 2014 — from videos to blog posts. We’ll report on the numbers as January progresses. Here’s the countdown. AdmissionsQuest’s “Top […]

A School Expert’s Review of St. Mark’s School

St. Mark’s School students graduate well prepared for college. Global citizenship is a part of each student’s St. Mark’s experience; the program teaches students the values of leadership and service as well as creative, analytic, and cooperative work, and exploring the larger world. The program includes domestic and international service learning and students are encouraged […]

Randolph-Macon Academy Brings Christmas to Veterans

On Tuesday, December 16, 2014, Randolph-Macon Academy students loaded onto a bus – gifts in-hand ‐ as part of “Operation Thank You.” The project, which brings students, Christmas cheer, music, and gifts to the VA Hospital in Martinsburg, WV, is an extension of R-MA middle school teacher Toby Allanson’s family tradition. I am trying to […]

A School Expert’s Review of Concord Academy

Concord Academy faculty and students focus on today, celebrating and living in the moment with an eye toward the future. CA allows students to do well at being themselves. Concord Academy students grow into themselves with CA helping them discover and get there. CA adults think of themselves as partners in a student’s growth. Teachers […]

Why Are You A Walnut Hill School for the Arts Tour Guide?

Why are you a Walnut Hill School for the Arts tour guide? What do you believe in so strongly/what’s so great about Walnut Hill that motivates to share it with prospective students? “I am a tour guide at Walnut Hill because my family and I had lots of questions about this school during the application […]

A School Expert’s Review of Walnut Hill School for the Arts

As a pre-professional arts boarding school, Walnut Hill School for the Arts is fundamentally different from other schools. All students have an arts major, which occupies afternoon time blocks: dance, music, theater, musical theater, visual arts or writing/media/film (film added as of next year). Walnut Hill is a powerful combination of Arts and academics. Walnut […]

Why Are You A Cushing Academy Tour Guide?

Why are you a Cushing Academy tour guide?  What do you believe in so strongly/what’s so great about Cushing Academy that motivates to share it with prospective students? This school [Cushing] has changed my life and I like to proudly tell visitors that come to campus about it and how much I love this school! I have […]

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