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How Private Schools and Families Connect: Modern Tools But Relationships Stay Fundamental

All of us on the boarding/private school side of the admissions equation ask year in and year out — how do we meet more families? How can we connect with and reach more families with students who might fit our school? These questions and the efforts of admission professionals are the lifeblood of our schools. […]

Parents, beware the mid-winter school blues

For many students, today is the official 100th day of school. Here at Aspen Country Day, our Lower Schoolers are doing show-and-tell with the collections they brought from home: 100 rose petals, 100 Legos, and even (clever!) 100 drops of water. After lunch, we’ll light 100 candles on a cake to celebrate this mini-landmark in […]

Your Parents Aren’t Supposed to Be at Boarding School With You

Where to start on this one? Penelope Green’s NYT piece, Leaving Home, but Not the Folks, in today’s paper got my attention this morning. It’s a bit sensational and it looks at distinct minority of boarding school parents – those with desire and resources to live near their kid’s boarding school. But, it still makes […]

Goodbye, cat: back-to-boarding-school rituals

Fiona the calico cat has climbed into the box and made a nest for herself among the towels from Bed, Bath & Beyond. She watches, head on paws, as her mistress, Catherine, packs for boarding school two time zones away. Soon the cardboard will be sealed up and shipped UPS Ground. One early morning Catherine will scratch […]

How to Write A Constructive Private School Review

Don’t miss out on these important tips on how to write a constructive private school review!

On decision day, an impassioned plea for courtesy and common sense

Here’s one great thing about a school that ends in Eighth Grade – it forces families to make an active, informed decision about where to go to high school. Simply staying put is not an option. Young teens and their parents grapple with choices — public or private? in-state or across the country? – that […]

Common Core State Standards Initiative: What Does It Mean to Boarding Schools?

With the Common Core taking root and producing a bit of the inevitable upheaval that comes with change in America’s public schools, I wondered — ‘Is the Common Core having any affect on boarding school curricula?’ So I reached out to colleagues and asked. First a little background. I’ve always been a proponent of a […]

Graduates: A Commencement Speech Not To Be Missed

Every year a small stream of commencement speeches find their way into my inbox. Most are standard fare- nice; but nothing that makes you go ‘ah, I should think about [insert subject].” I’m picky; these speeches are a trite, overworked, form. How many commencement speeches do you really want to read, and, or write about? […]

Choosing the Boarding School That’s Right For You: People Matter

This story came to me via the grapevine last week, about a student, who believed that he had found the perfect school, but, after his accepted student revisit, found that his dream wasn’t his dream at all. In fact, it was something of a nightmare. Full disclosure, I verified that this story is, indeed, true. […]

Boarding School Holiday Traditions

As we enjoy the holiday season, I think might be fun to share a few holiday traditions. I must admit have a soft spot for the slowing season of reflection and service.

Exercising at the Right Time: Boarding School Routine

I know there’s has to be a reason why — 28 years after graduating from boarding school — I’m still addicted to exercising between 3-6PM.

A Guided Tour of Blue Ridge School

Two Blue Ridge School students share their campus insights and experiences as they take you on a tour!

The Power of a Teacher and Friend

Steven Strogatz’ captures the power and greatness of those rare teachers in his musings and explorations of his ongoing, lifelong relationship with Loomis Chaffee math teacher Don Joffray.

An Educational Consultant’s Review of Asheville School

Respect, Honor, Belonging, Character, Vision, and Community, these words characterized my visit to Asheville School (a coed boarding school in Asheville, NC).

A Clever Introduction to a Boarding School Faculty

Meet Think Global School‘s (view school profile)  faculty in this five minute intro video. Hear them talk about what brings them to a multicultural mobile school. Each faculty member spends a few minutes exploring Think Global’s philosophy and practices and how their individual passions and expertise fit with a truly global school experience. Passion for […]

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