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How Does Your School Limit Screen Time?

Does, or how does, a school monitor, control, limit screen time? This question has been bouncing around my head for a couple of weeks now. Nick Bilton’s New York Times piece, Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent prompts some more thinking on the topic and the question: How does your school limit or police screen […]

Asheville Releases In-house Built App for iPhone and iPad

Asheville isn’t the first school to release an iPhone/iPad app devoted to covering and following school happenings, “Asheville School App Now Available on App Store.” But, they are the first that I know of- to have built the app in-house. Asheville Technology Coordinator Charles Long and Director of Communications Bob Williams created the app. And, […]

Wasatch Academy Boys Basketball Wins Second State Title

The Wasatch boys basketball team defeated Gunnison Valley 57-45 this past Saturday to win the Utah 2A state championship finishing the season 25-1. The Wasatch team featured players from across the globe. Using basketball as their international language the team forged a togetherness and identity. “When you play basketball…it doesn’t matter what language you speak,” […]

Hurricane Irene Swallows The Hun School’s Athletic Fields

Hurricane Irene’s affects- especially flooding from New Jersey to Vermont- are ongoing and well documented. Here’s a short video capturing the rise of the rain-swollen Stony Brook river as the Irene produced waters swallow The Hun School‘s (a co-ed boarding school in Princeton, NJ) athletic fields.

An Assistant Head Ruminates on Educational Directions and Policy

Delphian School Assistant Headmaster Mark Siegel keeps an interesting blog (Thinking About Education) where he shares articles, comments, and musings on the changing state of education. It’s a light policy manifesto for eduction reform. Siegel finds interesting articles, and angles, covering any, and all, topics on education- from parental control, to testing, to student/childhood development, […]

A Guided Student Tour of Baylor School [Video]

Seniors Tenley and Ryan share Baylor School‘s campus and their student experiences. Strong opportunities drew both to Baylor. Baylor in the mold of a great school has helped both students flourish in their areas of strength while stretching them to discover and broaden their talents in other areas. Tenley was drawn to Baylor on the […]

Andover Song Reaches the Hearts of Students and Alumni

We got a note a few days back calling our attention to “The Andover Song.” It’s an original song and music video that work to capture, and express, the notions that Andover is more than a school and more than the sum of its parts. The production is slick and well done. The Phillips Andover […]

Students Bring Tilton School’s ‘The Power of Potential’ to Life

Tilton School is bringing the school’s new campaign, The Power of Potential, to life through student and faculty voices. Tilton has created a dedicated social blog called The P.O.P. Zone designed to bring student and faculty thoughts, projects, and experiences directly to audiences. Launched this past spring, The P.O.P. Zone currently features the voices of nine students […]

From Gould Academy to Expedition Impossible

Expedition Impossible competitor, and Gould Academy alumnus (2003), Eric Bach spends a few minutes with Peter talking about how one goes from Gould, and Bethel, Maine, to participating in a Mark Burnett produced reality television show in Morocco. Expedition Impossible features thirteen teams of three, racing through ten epic stages, through the Moroccan Sahara; Bach […]

A Guided Tour of Delphian School

Delphian School (Sheridan, OR) rising senior Alison ’12 shares the insights, and high notes, of her school experience. Throughout Delphian’s programs students are taught to practice independence and use good judgement. Delphian programs teach independence, and personal responsibility through self direction. Academics and college counseling feature studentdirected pursuits shaped and guided by adults. Students work […]

A Guided Tour of Perkiomen School

2009 Perkiomen School alumnus J.J. takes viewers on a campus tour while sharing his school experiences and insights. Two themes run throughout J.J.’s tour: The opportunity to try and experience new things Strong relationships- students-to-faculty and student-to-student Perkiomen seems to have a place for both the novice and the experienced student in all parts of […]

A Good Lesson for Schools: Portsmouth Abbey Monks Outreach Using Social Media

“If this is the way the younger generation are looking things up and are communicating, then this is the place to be,” Abbot Caedmon Holmes. (Monks Embrace Web to Reach Recruits, NYT) The Portsmouth Abbey Monastery monks know they aren’t getting any younger and their ranks aren’t growing fast enough to keep the order vibrant. So […]

Hear from a Delphian Grad: From Student to Video Producer

Delphian School alumna Courtney Perkins ’04 talks about her early professional life and the ways that she continues using the lessons of her Delphian education. She credits her time in Delphian’s photography and video labs along with Delphian college counselors as building blocks in her collegiate and professional work. Delphian’s rigorous course work, the school’s […]

What’s New at Darrow School

Darrow School‘s Craig Westcott talks about Darrow’s new wind turbine installation and the ways that the wind turbine, the school’s solar array, and the school’s waste water treatment program provides students with the opportunity to study the integration of science, technology, mathematics, and sustainability.

Headmaster’s Holiday: An Accidental Documentary Project

Proctor Academy‘s Chuck Will scored an accidental coup when he issued a camera to a Proctor student named Eli who was supposed to take some ‘day-in-life pictures’ for Chuck (Ferris Berlow’s Day Off). Little did Chuck know Eli would return the camera 24 hours later with 327 pictures. Unbeknownst to Chuck, Eli picked up the […]

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