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A Wealth of Equine and Riding Experience Comes to Orme

Brian and Paula Bausch bring a wealth of equine and riding experience to Orme School’s campus as world-class trainers, clinicians, and performers of trick riding and roping, fancy gun handling, trick shooting, and Roman riding.

A Guided Tour of Eaglebrook School

Eagelbrook student, Brendan, shares what it’s like to be a student at a junior boarding boarding school. He came to Eaglebrook as a seventh grader. Brendan sees himself as having grown greatly and having made life-long friends

Agent Debate: Further Reading

The Chronicle of Higher Education published a written debate, I recommend it if you’re interested the questions surrounding the use of agents in recruiting international students.

International Student Agents: A crazy dynamic

Agents and their role in the recruitment of international students- especially Chinese students- has reached a near fever pitch with the over use of agents on one side of the scale and the denouncement of any use of agents on the other side. As usual the effective reality is somewhere in between.

An Admission Director Finds Himself in the Shoes of His International Students

We like Ridley College, admission director, Andrew Weller’s professional musings and today is no exception. Now, before any rush to judgment, Andrew is, indeed, fortunate to be studying French in Paris as he writes. So, no ‘poor, Andrew’ sentiments. Anyone should be so lucky to have such an opportunity. However, as anyone who’s entered a […]

An Educational Consultant’s Notes on Grand River Academy

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to visit Grand River Academy. I fell in love with the school.

You Won’t Find School Fit in Private School Rankings

Private school is as much about creating an environment in which a particular type of student does well as it is about academic rigor. This is what we call “school fit.”

Freshman Humanities at Dunn School

Teachers Laura Fox and Alex Wescott present an overview of Dunn’s ninth grade integrated curriculum. The program takes a slightly different angle than many other integrated humanities programs.

What Makes Sit Down Meals Work in Boarding School? It’s the adults.

The sit down meal provides an external framework, or structure, for mandatory adult involvement in a student’s life.

A School Where the Learning Experiences of the Outdoors are Fundamental

For Ojai Valley School and its students, the learning experiences of the outdoors are fundamental.

A Look Into The Demands Placed on Modern Private School Admission Officers

Today I recommend two recent articles from admission directors to get an ideal of the demands placed on modern admission officers.

A Guided Tour of Army and Navy Academy

Army and Navy Academy cadets Matt, Tyler, and David share their experiences introducing viewers to the academy. Whether it’s academics, residential life or college counseling, two statements (resounding endorsements) from the tour capture the Army and Navy experience.

Why Small Class Sizes Matter to this Boarding School Student

Dunn School sophomore Danielle tals about improved confidence and discussion abilities that come from Dunn’s small, intimate classes.

A Guided Tour of Bement School

Kim Loughlin, Bement School admission director, guides viewers around the Bement campus and through the concept of a junior boarding school.

Dunn Head Mike Beck Explains: Why Dunn?

Dunn School head Mike Beck talks about some of the larger ideas and philosophies that drive Dunn and that Dunn works to impart to its students.

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