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The Power of a Teacher and Friend

Steven Strogatz’ captures the power and greatness of those rare teachers in his musings and explorations of his ongoing, lifelong relationship with Loomis Chaffee math teacher Don Joffray.

An Educational Consultant’s Review of Asheville School

Respect, Honor, Belonging, Character, Vision, and Community, these words characterized my visit to Asheville School (a coed boarding school in Asheville, NC).

A Clever Introduction to a Boarding School Faculty

Meet Think Global School‘s (view school profile)  faculty in this five minute intro video. Hear them talk about what brings them to a multicultural mobile school. Each faculty member spends a few minutes exploring Think Global’s philosophy and practices and how their individual passions and expertise fit with a truly global school experience. Passion for […]

Trip Darrin Appointed Blue Ridge School Headmaster

After serving as acting headmaster eleven months, Blue Ridge trustees announced Darrin’s permanent appointment as Headmaster.

Want to be ready for college? You can’t do better than boarding school

The practices and skills that lead to collegiate success are the foundations of the traditional boarding school experience.

Advice from 28 Years of Interviewing Students and Families

St. Mark’s School, Director of Admission, Anne Behnke, shares some thoughts on the interview process for colleagues and families via SSATB ALC Blog, “The Art of Interviewing.”

Canadian Boarding Schools Make Their Case

Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) has published a good ‘quick case’ video in which they take on the question ‘why boarding school?’

Taylor Stockdale: A Few Minutes with The Head of The Webb Schools

Having been appointed head of The Webb Schools (Claremont, CA,), Taylor Stockdale is in the special position of being a twenty-four year veteran of Webb- as teacher an administrator- prior to his appointment.

An Educational Consultant’s Impressions of Hawaii Preparatory Academy

Hawaii Preparatory Academy is a school more tied and connected to its surroundings than any I’ve ever seen. The islands and the school’s location is one of the most spectacular spots on earth.

The Technological Umbilical Cord: Do students really leave home anymore?

Whether teacher, administrator, student, or parent, you’ve got stories about the way cell phone use is, or has, changed the high school and college experience.

A Set of Good Private School Affordability and Financial Aid Resources

Financial aid and affordability dominate discussions whether you’re on the family or school side of the boarding school admission equation.

A Guided Tour of Midland School

Two Midland School student share their insights and experiences with viewers during this tour of the California (CA) boarding school that they call home.

Getting Enough Sleep: a student’s foundation to achievement

For our own children and our student charges in boarding schools, it’s critical to set regular sleep schedules and establish regular behavior patterns.

Set Aside Notions of Private School Rankings

We encourage families to set aside notions of school rankings and, instead, encourage families to think about what their child needs in term of education

Making Sure A Post Graduate Applicant Fits

Hargrave Military Academy, published an interesting piece in which he shares all the moving parts of the PG admission equation.

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