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Maharishi Academy: A Boarding School Rooted in Consciousness-Based Education

We recently met and had the opportunity to speak with Alan Colby, Founding Headmaster, of Maharishi Academy of Total Knowledge. Maharishi is new boys boarding school in Antrim New Hampshire that uses a Consciousness-Based curriculum and approach. Mr. Colby was kind enough to tell us about the school and the perspectives and successes of Consciousness-Based […]

Gould Academy Takes to the Snow

We recently spoke with Mark Godomsky, Gould Academy’s On-Snow program director. On-Snow results from Gould’s commitment to using and connecting the school to its surroundings. In Bethel, Maine, this means students on and in the snow- in programs ranging from recreational skiing, to ski patrol, to a competition program the trains year round. Question (Q): […]

A Q&A with Javier Colayco, Founder, Boarding School Review

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Javier Colayco, founder of Boarding School Review (BSR), about how his boarding school experience shaped his efforts to help promote & feature boarding schools via the web. BSR presents school profiles and alumni reviews to families exploring boarding school options. Javier is a 1996 graduate of Northfield […]

Brewster Academy– A Q&A with Peter Hess, Dean of Studies

Brewster Academy offers a unique take on the boarding school experience. We recently had the opportunity & pleasure to ask BA’s Dean of Studies, Peter Hess, what Brewster’s approach to boarding school means to students. A graduate of Hobart and William Smith Colleges (B.S) and the University of Minnesota (M.Ed. Special Education), Peter joined BA […]

Educational Consulting from the Perspective of an Industry Leader

In Part II of our conversation with Mark Sklarow (Executive Director, Independent Educational Consultants Association), he talks about the history and current state of consulting- how it’s evolved and what consultants do today. Question (Q): Tell us a bit about the history of educational consulting- it’s beginnings, where it stands, and the future. Mark Sklarow […]

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