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Christine Savini and Dr. Olivia Morehead-Slaughter Contribute to Bement School’s diversity teaching

Christine Savini and Dr. Olivia Morehead-Slaughter speak at Bement School about diversity teaching

A St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School Alumnus Comes Home: A Conversation with Rev. Drew Bunting

St. Andrews Sewannee School announced Drew Bunting as the school’s new chaplain beginning July 1. Drew was kind enough to speak with us about why he returned to minister and teach at his alma mater. Why return to teach and minister to your alma mater? What’s the draw? Is it something that you’ve always thought about […]

Riverside Military Academy to West Point Admission

Ever wonder how military boarding school; admission to West Point; a military career; and working in the West Point directorate of admission come together? You’ll find them all in our interview with Riverside Military Academy alumnus and Florida State Congressional District Coordinator for the Directorate of Admissions, CPT Charles Cook. In our interview CPT Cook […]

An American Family Discovers a Canadian Boarding School: A conversation with a Ridley College parent

A Ridley College parent shares how her family discovered this boarding school in Canada and why they selected Ridley over options in New England & New York.

Becoming a Student Leader: A Q&A with a Military School’s Battalion Commander

Edgar T. Dowling III (Tuner) was recently appointed Riverside Military Academy‘s Battalion Commander for the 2011-12 academic year. As the highest ranking cadet/student leader, Dowling’s responsibilities include, “training of the battalion on drill days, commanding the battalion at all formations, and working with his staff and school administrators in coordinating activities of the battalion to […]

A Boys Learning Differences Boarding School Adds a High School: A Q&A with the Head of The Greenwood School

Following-up The Greenwood School‘s announcement of their expansion to include a full high school program, Greenwood headmaster, Stewart Miller spoke with us about the opportunities and motivations behind Greenwood’s growth. Brian Fisher (BF): What’s the impetus behind growing to include a high school? Does Greenwood just work better for some kids to have a consistent […]

A Boarding School (Literally) on the Move: A Q&A with The MacDuffie School’s New Head

Continuing our coverage of International EC’s efforts to start a new boarding school in Granby, MA and their recent acquisition of The MacDuffie School‘s operations,  we had the opportunity to exchange e-mail with Brian Chatterley of International EC, who will serve as Head of the merged/ongoing MacDuffie School. Brian shared his thoughts on union of […]

She’s a Leader: Randolph-Macon Academy names first first female Corps Commander

On August 24, 2010, Allyson Doran became the first female opening day Corps Commander at Randolph-Macon Academy. She was kind enough to share her story about how she came to the position and the qualities she brings to the rank. Brian Fisher (BF): How did you come to RMA?  Were you interested in military school/living […]

A Few Minutes with Celina Tio: A Westtown Grad & Potential Next Iron Chef!

Editor’s Note: Westtown School alumna Celina Tio (’88) and The Next Iron Chef (season 3) contestant was kind enough to chat with Brian about her Westtown experiences and her career in kitchens. Brian Fisher (BF): I read that you were addicted to Julia Child reruns and that you received a knife from your uncle (not […]

A Conversation with Asheville School’s Jonathan Hopkins

As winner of the AdmissionsQuest for the Best Student Video Contest with his short “What Is Asheville School?” we wanted to hear a bit more about how Jonathan Hopkins came to Asheville School (Asheville, NC); how his short grew out of his Asheville experiences and where he wants to take his talents? Check out Jonathan’s […]

Wolfeboro- 100 Years of Focused Summer Boarding School

With summer upon us, we’d like to quickly highlight our only AQ member – and only independent school that we know of- that specializes in and is only a summer school. Wolfeboro, The Summer Boarding School reaches its 100th summer milestone with the coming session.  We spoke briefly with Wolfeboro Head, Ed Cooper about Wolfeboro’s […]

Gould Academy 9th Grade Trip to China Follow-Up

After reading their blog and writing our own post about Gould Academy‘s 9th Grade class trip to China, we wanted to know more- about the program’s genesis, it’s philosophy & goals, and how it fits into Gould’s program. We wrote Tucker Kimball, Gould’s Director of Communication and he was kind enough to fill us in […]

Progressive Education at Buxton School: A Q&A with Franny Shuker-Haines, Associate Director

Franny Shuker-Haines, Associate Director at Buxton School (Williamstown, MA), was kind enough to chat with us about Buxton and how the school carries John Dewey’s framework of progressive education into the 21st century. Buxton students are an engaged, active group. Through academics, work and community Buxton students practice their responsibilities to each other and to […]

Dublin School Past, Present and Future: Head of School Brad Bates Shares How He Came to Dublin

I recently had the opportunity to visit with Brad Bates, Dublin School‘s new headmaster. In his answers to our questions, he shares the thoughts and experiences that drew him to the school. He talks about his first months at the school and his vision for its future. His answers paint a picture of the qualities […]

Midland School and Progressive Education: A Q&A with Derek Svennungsen, Director of Admissions

Midland School‘s Director of Admission, Derek Svennungsen, spoke with AdmissionsQuest boarding school blog about the school and progressive education. Midland, located in Los Olivos, CA, is an all-boarding, co-educational college preparatory school. If you’re not familiar with the school, here’s a brief description from their site: “As other schools get larger and build more buildings […]

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