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2016 Boarding School Acceptance Videos: Students & Faculty Welcome New Students!

Note: Updated 3/11. New videos added: St. Paul’s School, Pomfret School, & Phillips Academy It’s admission decision day (March 10th 2016) and, in what’s an annual event for us, here’s our gathering of 2016 Boarding School Acceptance Videos. We’ll post additional videos as we find them and as readers send them to us. Send yours […]

Bridging the Gap: Inside Bridgton Academy’s postgraduate documentary project

A few weeks back, I introduced Bridgton Academy’s documentary project Bridging The Gap, in which Bridgton and the Wilkins family work to show how a family comes to choose a postgraduate high school experience for their son; how the experience works; and, what the postgraduate experience will mean to Cam in the long run. I […]

What’s Behind a Boarding School Name Change? Florida Air Academy Becomes Florida Prep!

Florida Air Academy changes its name to Florida Prep.

Personal Interactions with Families: Still the Most Effective Marketing Tools

Personal interactions with families are a school’s most effective marketing tools.

Lowell Whiteman Becomes Steamboat Mountain School

What’s in a name change? Schools build identities over decades and these identities are often rooted in founders’ philosophies and missions. When Lowell Whiteman School changed its name, and identity to Steamboat Mountain School, we knew there was a good story; we spoke with Pearson Alspach, Steamboat Mountain’s admission director to ask, ‘why the name […]

The Asymmetric Boarding School Search

After watching the 2014-2015 boarding school admission cycle from our stop in a family’s boarding school search, we can tell you that families now do more research and consult more references than ever. Finding The Best Fitting School Is Now Akin to Making a Large Purchase Such as a Car Think about it, a lot […]

A Boarding School Basketball Dynasty! Brewster Academy Wins Fourth National Prep Championship in Six Years

Boston Magazine’s Adam Doster calls Brewster Academy’s Prep basketball team The Greatest Game You’ve Never Seen. The Truth is though that Brewster has played great boys basketball for years, but the past fifteen years under coach Jason Smith have been something.

How Private Schools and Families Connect: Modern Tools But Relationships Stay Fundamental

All of us on the boarding/private school side of the admissions equation ask year in and year out — how do we meet more families? How can we connect with and reach more families with students who might fit our school? These questions and the efforts of admission professionals are the lifeblood of our schools. […]

Top Five 2015-2016 Private School Financial Aid Application Questions

Editor’s note: What’s becoming an annual event at this crunch time in the private school school financial aid calendar, we offer some tips directly from the financial aid expert himself, Mark Mitchell, Vice President, School and Student Services (SSS By NAIS). I asked Mark to share insights on the top five questions that SSS is […]

Doing School Work by Hand Help Students Remember Better

I just finished a full summer term working at Wolfeboro (summer boarding school) — back on the school side of the boarding school equation. Watching students work by hand — manually and methodically — brings me to think about a couple of articles on the subject of doing things by hand that I’ve kept on […]

What It Was Like to Apply to Boarding School in 1918

A friend passed me a nifty boarding school link — the Catalogue of Philips Academy 1918-1923. It’s a fascinating read for those us in the boarding school community and those interested in boarding schools. It’s striking that 1918 was Already Andover’s 140th year. Contrast that with 1905-1910 spate of Episcopal school foundings. Those schools just […]

Mercersburg’s Tommy Adams To Head The Essex Institute

Tommy Adams, Mercersburg Academy Assistant Head of School for Enrollment is the newly announced Director of The Essex Institute for Independent School Enrollment Management. Adams takes over as the 29 year old Institute’s first non-founding director with the passing of co-founder David Erdmann and co-founder Rick Dalton’s decision that the time is right for new […]

Common Core State Standards Initiative: What Does It Mean to Boarding Schools?

With the Common Core taking root and producing a bit of the inevitable upheaval that comes with change in America’s public schools, I wondered — ‘Is the Common Core having any affect on boarding school curricula?’ So I reached out to colleagues and asked. First a little background. I’ve always been a proponent of a […]

Choosing the Boarding School That’s Right For You: People Matter

This story came to me via the grapevine last week, about a student, who believed that he had found the perfect school, but, after his accepted student revisit, found that his dream wasn’t his dream at all. In fact, it was something of a nightmare. Full disclosure, I verified that this story is, indeed, true. […]

Asheville Releases In-house Built App for iPhone and iPad

Asheville isn’t the first school to release an iPhone/iPad app devoted to covering and following school happenings, “Asheville School App Now Available on App Store.” But, they are the first that I know of- to have built the app in-house. Asheville Technology Coordinator Charles Long and Director of Communications Bob Williams created the app. And, […]

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