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Showcasing the 2010 Green Cup Challenge Video Entries

As big fans of the Green Schools Alliance‘s Green Cup Challenge and promoters of boarding schools, we collected the boarding school entries to the 2010 Green Cup Challenge video contest and made them available on our Boarding School Videos blog. Here you can see how boarding schools participate in the Green Cup Challenge. Like our own […]

Ross School Installs Solar Panels: Benefits From Economic Stimulus Grant

Ross School has received a more than $200,000 grant to install solar panels on the school’s Barn Building. The grant comes through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). “…According to school officials, it currently costs roughly $12,000 annually to power the Barn Building, where the 49.2 kilowatt system will be installed. […]

Vermont Academy Featured for its Green Initiatives

The blog, Green Is Sexy, highlights Vermont Academy environmental initiatives and policies as part of their CFL Spotlight series. Of course it took me a second to get the CFL reference. VA is on top of their eco-concious practices and policies with a Bottled Water Initiative, composting, recycling, organic and local source movements. Most interesting […]

The Unsung Part of Westover School’s Green Cup Accomplishment

Westover School recently held a ribbon cutting for its newly installed 158.60 kW solar energy system. Motivated by Green Cup Challenge competition and a school-wide commitment to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, Westover’s consumption of grid electricity has declined by 37.5%. Creative financing- like many non-profits, Westover’s capital spending has come under pressure from […]

Getting to Know San Domenico School

Stacie Grant, admission officer, introduces San Domenico School. She describes San Domenico students as involved, well rounded, and passionate. Whether it’s trying new things, pursuing social justice, or contributing to the community, San Domenico lives the school’s mission. Some interesting details- San Domenico is is the only boarding high school (all-girls) in Marin County and […]

Green Cup Challenge Video Contest

An optional video contest is part the annual Green Cup Challenge between schools. The student written and directed films must inform and motivate students regarding their choices and consumption habits: Purpose: A student written and directed video for presentation to the school community to create awareness, excitement and motivation about the Challenge. Theme: Creativity and […]

Green Cup Challenge Highlighted on, the online edition of E- The Environmental Magazine recently highlighted the Green Cup Challenge competition. Competing to reduce electrical consumption and emissions, Green Cup Challenge Schools have begun recording their energy consumption each school working and hoping to reduce consumption the most. The Green Cup Challenge has grown beyond its northeast boarding school roots […]

Green Faculty Housing with Roots in Historic Homage

It’s interesting to note that in all of our reading and coverage we’ve talked about student green efforts and new school buildings, but until now, we’ve seen one example of green faculty housing at Cate School. Here’s a second example at a boarding school. Christchurch School, working with New World Home, aim to bring environmentally […]

Supporting the Green Schools Alliance

This week Jeremy McGeorge & I attended a fund raiser for the Green Schools Alliance, a project of Global Environmental Options: GEO. The truly inspiring event was hosted in New York City at the Green Depot (an innovative supplier of environmentally friendly and sustainable building products.) The gala was framed by shelves of products ranging […]

The Hill School Commits to Reducing Its Carbon Footprint

The Hill School is beginning to study ways that the school can institutionally and systematically reduce carbon output. Although in the planning phase and the ultimate carbon reduction total yet to be achieved, the Hill has made the the most important decision- to commit and act through analysis, planning, and action. Carbon reduction and joining […]

Midland School Receives the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA)

Congratulations to Midland School for receiving the prestigious Environmental and Economic Leadership Award. The award represents California’s highest environmental honor. GEELA “recognizes individuals, organizations, and businesses that have demonstrated exceptional leadership and made notable, voluntary contributions in conserving California’s precious resources, protecting and enhancing our environment, building public-private partnerships and strengthening the State’s economy.” From […]

The Putney School’s Net-Zero Energy Building

WCAX profiled Putney School‘s new athletic field house- the first net-zero facility in the state of Vermont. As school CFO, Randy Smith told WCAX, “The operational cost of the building from an energy perspective is zero.” Quite impressive. Click the image below to view WCAX’s new segment. I tried embedding it in the post, but it […]

Ross School Students Try A Month of Living off the Grid

Ross School Seniors, Sylvia Channing (Ross Environmental Club founder) and Karen Sanchez talk about their senior project- one month living off the grid. The seniors hadn’t know each other well before embarking on the project- their common interests brought them together for the project. “The only thing we had in common was that we wanted […]

Hawaii Preparatory Academy to Become Home to Energy Lab

Little focuses the mind as quickly as economic realities. “Hawaii takes $7 billion from our economy for fuel alone and sends it overseas. It was reported recently that tourism spending has brought in almost $9 billion this year. We basically take a huge chunk of that income and give it away.” Robbie Alm, executive vice […]

The Lawrenceville School Reflects on 200 Years and Looks Toward the Future

Congratulations to the folks past, present and future at The Lawrenceville School. Any organization that makes it’s 200th birthday intact and practicing its mission proves worthy of recognition. We read in the Times of Trenton (Looking Forward by Glancing Back) that Lawrenceville will spend the year celebrating the past and looking to the future begining […]

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