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You Won’t Find School Fit in Private School Rankings

Private school is as much about creating an environment in which a particular type of student does well as it is about academic rigor. This is what we call “school fit.”

A Look Into The Demands Placed on Modern Private School Admission Officers

Today I recommend two recent articles from admission directors to get an ideal of the demands placed on modern admission officers.

Linden Hill School To Close

Sadly, we note the the decision of Linden Hill’s trustees to close the school at the end of the academic year in June.

A Sad Change for Prep School Basketball Fans

A big story out Pittsfield, ME yesterday, Maine Central Institute’s board of trustees has dropped their New England Prep School Class A basketball program effective with the new fiscal year beginning July 1.

Some Insight Into the Private School Enrollment Agreement

Jenny Anderson shines a bit of light into- what always was while I was living and working in schools- the quiet, discreet world of enrollment contracts. In the New York Times, “For Some Parents, Leaving Private School Is Harder Than Getting In” Anderson covers the increasing seriousness with which enrollment agreements are taken. The antes […]

The ‘Whys’ & Parental Nature of the Private School Lending Market

For many families, loans have become an integral part of their private school tuition planning.

Shrinking Public Schools Turn to International Boarding Programs as a Lifeline

American public school systems seek to fill seats and close budget gaps by creating tuition driven offerings for wealthy foreign students.

Private School Financial Aid: Are We Eligible?

Our new infographic, Can We Afford Private School? (see below) provides a quick look at where your family might fit in the private school financial aid equation. In partnering with School and Student Services By NAIS (SSS), we’ve taken the regional cost of living adjustments and data used by SSS to calculate estimated family contributions toward tuition and […]

New Military School Set To Open In August 2012

Forest Hill Military Academy (Millersburg, KY) leaders are busy preparing to welcome the new boarding school’s first class of cadets this coming fall.

The Contributions that Chinese Students Bring to Boarding Schools

Over the break offered some quiet time to catch-up on reading and a chance to work on posts that might require some digestion and rumination. This brings me to Idylwild Arts Academy president Brian D. Cohen’s response to two recent articles, “Chinese Students Lose as U.S. Schools Exploit Need” and “The China Conundrum,” each of […]

Berkshire School Goes Solar

Lowering electricity prices and consumption in Massachusetts is serious business. Berkshire School doing something about it for their campus.

Interested in Opening A Private School? A great physical plant is on the market

What happens when a school closes? Cold realities get played out and one such reality is the sale of the campus. The 62 acre Fox River Country Day School campus is on the market. Back in June we wrote a brief story on the closing of Fox River Country Day School in Elgin, Illinois. Few […]

How Boarding Schools Are the Gateway for Chinese Student Success

Back on November 3rd, The New York Times ran a collaborative article, “The China Conundrum” combining the work of their reporter, Karin Fischer, and Tom Bartlett of The Chronicle of Higher Education. I call attention to their piece in this forum because the demand and influx of Chinese students into American higher education parallels the […]

Head of School Searches: It’s Announcement Time

Update (11/16/2011 11/18/2011 11/29/11 12/1/11): since posting this piece, we’ve learned of head of school announcements at Gould Academy, Tilton School, Miss Hall’s School, West Nottingham Academy & Brentwood College School. Thanks to all for reaching out. Full write ups are below. We’ve seen three five six seven eight head searches for summer 2012 appointments concluding in the past few weeks and we suspect that […]

The Gunnery Appoints a New Head of School

Peter W.E. Becker will become The Gunnery‘s 11th Head of School this coming July 1. Becker brings a portfolio of varied experiences to the Washington, CT campus. He will be coming directly from The Lawrenceville School where he currently serves as a Master of History and Interdisciplinary Studies. Prior to his eight years at Lawrenceville, […]

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