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Mercersburg Names Katherine Titus Head of School

David O. Frantz ’60, President of Mercersburg Academy’s Board of Regents, announced yesterday that the board has named Katherine Titus as the school’s seventh head. Titus will begin her tenure July 1, 2016. “The search committee was immediately attracted to Katie’s drive, intelligence, and warmth. These important characteristics combined with her deep and varied experiences […]

Learn Why Four Boarding School Heads Keep One Foot in the Classroom

Modern boarding school heads face an amazing array of time and intellectual demands- everything from the school’s daily operation; to strategic planning; to fundraising; to attending meals; to student discipline; of course students and faculty are also part of the equation. These constituencies pull heads in all sorts of directions- daily. Given these demands my […]

Purnell School: What does it look like when a school changes its mission?

Purnell School, like a lot of private boarding and day schools, found that it needed to ask itself a good number of questions during, and after, the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Suddenly, parents weren’t as free in their considerations about paying tuition. Admission officers everywhere found themselves working extraordinarily hard to fill schools and found, in […]

New York Military Academy Closing

The New York Military Academy is closing after 126 years.

Personal Interactions with Families: Still the Most Effective Marketing Tools

Personal interactions with families are a school’s most effective marketing tools.

Lowell Whiteman Becomes Steamboat Mountain School

What’s in a name change? Schools build identities over decades and these identities are often rooted in founders’ philosophies and missions. When Lowell Whiteman School changed its name, and identity to Steamboat Mountain School, we knew there was a good story; we spoke with Pearson Alspach, Steamboat Mountain’s admission director to ask, ‘why the name […]

Top Five 2015-2016 Private School Financial Aid Application Questions

Editor’s note: What’s becoming an annual event at this crunch time in the private school school financial aid calendar, we offer some tips directly from the financial aid expert himself, Mark Mitchell, Vice President, School and Student Services (SSS By NAIS). I asked Mark to share insights on the top five questions that SSS is […]

Mercersburg’s Tommy Adams To Head The Essex Institute

Tommy Adams, Mercersburg Academy Assistant Head of School for Enrollment is the newly announced Director of The Essex Institute for Independent School Enrollment Management. Adams takes over as the 29 year old Institute’s first non-founding director with the passing of co-founder David Erdmann and co-founder Rick Dalton’s decision that the time is right for new […]

Mercersburg Academy Receives Second Largest Independent School Gift

Alumna Deborah Simon ’74 and her foundation have pledged $100 million to Mercersburg Academy as the seed gift for the school’s Daring to Lead capital campaign. In her announcement, Ms. Simon spoke favorably about the Mercersburg Academy experience: “…Mercersburg was, and continues to be, a place where every student can be himself or herself. …Mercersburg […]

Grandparents – Reduce Your Taxes. Make A Private School Contribution

Mike Szydlowski, Woodberry Forest financial aid director and independent tax preparer, returns to offer advice about financial and and private school contributions. You may know that on January 1, 2013 several new taxes took effect. This note addresses a strategy that may help retirees avoid the new 3.8% Medicare surtax, also referred to as the […]

Means Based Tuition: A different way to think about private school tuition

R. Scott Asen, Groton School alumnus, puts himself on the line regarding high private school tuition in an editorial penned for the New York Times- “Is Private School Not Expensive Enough?”

Agent Debate: Further Reading

The Chronicle of Higher Education published a written debate, I recommend it if you’re interested the questions surrounding the use of agents in recruiting international students.

Prep School Rivalry Extends To Fundraising

Rivalries between boarding schools in physical proximity, or that compete for the same students, manifest themselves in the obvious places- athletic competition, one-upsmanship in academics, one-upsmanship between students and alumni in perpetuity.

International Student Agents: A crazy dynamic

Agents and their role in the recruitment of international students- especially Chinese students- has reached a near fever pitch with the over use of agents on one side of the scale and the denouncement of any use of agents on the other side. As usual the effective reality is somewhere in between.

An Admission Director Finds Himself in the Shoes of His International Students

We like Ridley College, admission director, Andrew Weller’s professional musings and today is no exception. Now, before any rush to judgment, Andrew is, indeed, fortunate to be studying French in Paris as he writes. So, no ‘poor, Andrew’ sentiments. Anyone should be so lucky to have such an opportunity. However, as anyone who’s entered a […]

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