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Math Gains Come More Easily: And I’m a Math Teacher

Friends and family have emailed The New York Times’s recent article “In Raising Scores 1 2 3 Is Easier Than A B C” to me because I am a high school math teacher and that, somehow, makes me the resident expert on 4th grade curriculum, instruction, and testing. The Times article addresses many valid reasons why […]

Developing a Love of Math in Younger Students

When I posted the link to Keith Devlin’s NPR piece from Weekend Edition Saturday- “The Way You Learned Math Is So Old School (listen below)-”on my facebook page, it generated more comments than any link I have posted in a while. Somehow being a high school math teacher with 21 years experience makes me an […]

Jaime Escalante: My Hero

He was my hero. He was my Michael Jordan, my Mother Teresa, my Abraham Lincoln. If you’re not a high school math teacher, and even if you are, you might not have heard of Jaime Escalante until today. An immigrant from Bolivia who had to study English at night to earn his California teaching license, […]

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