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A Boarding School Basketball Dynasty! Brewster Academy Wins Fourth National Prep Championship in Six Years

Boston Magazine’s Adam Doster calls Brewster Academy’s Prep basketball team The Greatest Game You’ve Never Seen. The Truth is though that Brewster has played great boys basketball for years, but the past fifteen years under coach Jason Smith have been something.

2015 NEPSAC Winter Athletic Tournament Results

The great NEPSAC and NEISWA winter prep school sports tournaments concluded this past weekend…You gotta love the way winter sports lend themselves to tight tournament action! Once again, both sanctioning bodies New England Preparatory Schools Athletic Council (NEPSAC) and and New England Independent School Wrestling Association (NEISWA) did great jobs of keeping the brackets up […]

A Guided Tour of West Nottingham Academy

Let student tour guides, Adele, Ryan and McKayla share West Nottingham Academy and their WNA experiences with you. They do great job of introducing viewers to the oldest boarding school in America. WNA features a warm, strong community with a wide array of programs and opportunities. Adele, Ryan and McKayla cover all aspects of WNA […]

Fork Union: Foundation of Cardale Jones Success

I’ll admit, sometimes as boarding school faculty member we didn’t know if personally, or structurally, we were getting through to a student. It’s true that some students arrive to boarding school reluctantly. Most don’t. But, some arrive either irritated with their parents; believing that they know everything, already; or, that this crazy place, with all […]

Kent’s Hill School: MMQB Finds The Good of Small School Football

OK, I’m a little late to the party on this one. I missed Greg A. Bedard’s November Monday Morning Quarterback piece about Kents Hill School football, The Good in the Game. Bedard devoted his 5 November MMQB column to covering Kents Hill’s small school football team, making the argument that football can still be good, and […]

Top 10 Boarding School Blog Posts of 2014

2015 brings us to an our annual Boarding School blog post review – Top 10 Boarding School Blog Posts of 2014. We poured over the numbers to rank our top content over the course of 2014 — from videos to blog posts. We’ll report on the numbers as January progresses. Here’s the countdown. AdmissionsQuest’s “Top […]

A School Expert’s Review of Concord Academy

Concord Academy faculty and students focus on today, celebrating and living in the moment with an eye toward the future. CA allows students to do well at being themselves. Concord Academy students grow into themselves with CA helping them discover and get there. CA adults think of themselves as partners in a student’s growth. Teachers […]

A School Expert’s Review of Brooks School

Brooks School head, John Packard stressed importance of pausing, reflecting, slowing down and creating an environment/community in which kids can be happy. No two students, at Brooks, are really alike. Brooks prides itself on working with the whole child and embracing and engaging students; students we met were certainly productive and happy. Brooks students enjoy […]

Andover Movie Makers Pump Up Fans

A little fun from the student video and athletic front this afternoon. The Andover Movie Makers Club posted “Andover/Exeter 2014” a few days ago in preparation for upcoming games with Exeter. It’s a really nice riff on the ‘pump up’ or ‘team motivational’ genre of videos that a lot of intercollegiate athletic departments produce. The […]

A School Expert’s Review of Mercersburg Academy

Mercersburg Academy wraps their arms around you and welcomes all students! Mercersburg is a great balance of academic and athletic rigor bound by a supportive community. I was struck by the inclusive community and a student body that is fearlessly protective of the school. Students are not boxed in. They grow out of their community […]

A School Expert’s Review of Winchendon School

Winchendon School, Winchendon, MA. The Winchendon experience is built around college preparation, developing good character, and developing essential study skills and learning strategies. The curriculum emphasizes individual skill building, team effort, and positive reinforcement taught by the entire faculty. Tour Guide quote of the visit: “Winch” has taught me how to manage my time efficiently, […]

2014 World Cup Soccer: Prep School Alumni on the US Men’s National Team

We like to notice the prep school alumni participating in major events — the men’s 2014 World Cup is no exception. My colleague Marisa Peacock passed me a quick list players with prep school connections playing on the US Men’s National Team. Full disclosure, this is a quick list. If we’ve missed someone, leave comment and we’ll get […]

2014 NFL Draft Tally: Fork Union Military – 5; University of Texas – 0

Fork Union Military Academy had more players taken in this year’s NFL Draft than the University of Texas. (Full disclosure, I’m Texas fan.) Simply amazing. This tells you just how strong the FUMA football program is, and has been for some time. Take a look at FUMA’s football alumni page. FUMA’s 2014 draftees: Carlos Hyde […]

Shattuck-St. Mary’s Hockey Teams Win Three National Championships

Prep school hockey is among the best; think back to the number of women with boarding school hockey backgrounds on this year’s Olympic ice hockey team. In any context though, this national championship hat trick for Shattuck-St. Mary’s hockey teams is quite something. This past Sunday the S-SM Sabres won their second consecutive title in […]

Bridgton Academy: Dylan Owen’s Stepping Stone to Nebraska Football

One of two out of state walk-ons in Nebraska’s 2014 entering football class, Bridgton Academy’s Dylan Owen has accepted a preferred walk-on spot with the Cornhuskers for fall 2014. He has a shot at becoming a member of Nebraska’s vaunted Blackshirts. Owen is no stranger to Nebraska football. He may have grown up in New […]

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