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5 Tips To A Better Private School Admission Interview

Do you have an interview scheduled with the admission office? Are you nervous? Follow these 5 tips to make your interview a success.

Why a Family Should Consider a Girls Boarding School

Westover School head Ann Pollina joins us for short conversation covering “why should a family consider and an all girls’ boarding school?” Pollina makes he case that the question requires two answers, one for the entire family, and the other for the student. Pollina explores how a girls school provides an environment unlike any other. […]

A School Answers Four Common Boarding School Admission Questions

Editor’s note: We welcome a new contributor to the blog today, Baylor School in Chattanooga, TN. Baylor takes a look at the four most common questions their admission office receives from families- presenting their answers and thoughts on these family concerns and queries. The questions center on the unique situations and requirements that boarding present. […]

Why is Tabor Academy a good place to go to school?

In looking back at the boarding school campus video tours that I shot over the last academic year, I found segments from each that offer quick, tight insights into why my guides genuinely value their schools. We pulled snippets from each in case you missed them when they were originally published. First up, Tabor Academy. […]

Getting to Know Vermont Academy

Sean Brennan, Vermont Academy‘s Head of School talks about the strengths and underlying values of VA that he has come to understand during his first year as head. Relationships knit VA into a tight community. VA students benefit from healthy relationships with involved adults. Everyone helps; kids help; adults help. Paraphrasing Brennan- Everyone working hard, […]

Getting to Know Bridgton Academy

Chris Webb, Bridgton Academy (Bridgton, ME), Director of Admission, elucidates how the academic, social, and athletic of their post graduate population shape Bridgton’s programs. The school’s the only prep school for postgraduate young men. All of Bridgton’s students hold high school diplomas and they (and their families) have come to the decision that an extra […]

Getting to Know Eagle Hill School

Dana Harbert, Admission Director, sat down with me  for a Getting to Know interview to introduce the approaches that make Eagle Hill School unique in its role as a college preparatory boarding school for students with learning differences and ADD. Highlights from our conversation include: -Flexible academics and approaches to learning differences. -Strong Arts program […]

Planning for Your Boarding School Admission Interview

We’ve covered the admissions process over years, suggesting plans, scripting timelines, and providing “how-to’s.” Stoneleigh-Burnham School published a concise “5 Steps to a Better Interview!” to their blog. It’s a good, quick planning guide if school interviews are part of your application season. Although it shares much in common with our writings (Boarding School Interviews), […]

Getting to Know Colorado Rocky Mountain School

Next up in Getting to Know, my conversation with Tracy Wilson from Colorado Rocky Mountain School (Carbondale, CO). We kicked off the segment by learning about the incredible outdoor opportunities available to their students. Did you know that CRMS students can compete in a mountain biking league? From there, the majority of our conversation focused on […]

Getting to Know Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School

Today’s edition of Getting to Know introduces Lisa Zannella, Director of Admission, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School (Waltham, MA). Highlights from the conversation include learning about their specialized Ninth Grade Program, the type of student that excels at the school, CHCH’s learning center & ESL programs and how the school creates customized learning environments for each student. […]

Getting to Know Chamberlain-Hunt Academy

Buz Lowry, Director of Development, Chamberlain-Hunt Academy (an all-boys, Christian, Military boarding school) brought me up-to-speed on the school’s long history, it’s military tradition and it’s focused approach to educating students in a structured military boarding school environment.

Getting to Know Baylor School

In this segment of our “Getting to Know” series for the IECA Speed Meeting event, I spoke with Cindy Clark, Associate Director of Admission, Baylor School (Chattanooga, TN). Baylor, a coed day & boarding school, offers grades 6-12 with boarding beginning in 9th grade. Our conversation touched upon a range of items- from learning about […]

Families Find Benefits in Boarding Locally

Michael Birnbaum of the Washington Post published a piece last Tuesday on Washington, DC families uncovering the benefits boarding school close to home, “The Locals Live and Learn: Private School Families Say Boarding Makes Sense in Washington Region.” Such arrangements provide the independence and benefits boarding life for students and the opportunity to stay connected […]

Boarding School Visit, Thoughts and Resources

Writing about Matilda Battersby’s article, “How to get past the spin at school open days” in The Independent (Looking Beneath the Gloss of Your Prep School Visit) jogged my brain circuits into remembering that we’ve written articles covering the school visit, interview and a host of other admission topics over the years that families might […]

An Educational Consultant’s Impressions of St. Paul’s School

I arrived on St. Paul’s School campus to the buzz of “twin day.” Every student was having fun and I saw some very originally dressed twins. Waiting in the admission office several families had arrived at the same time including a family from Brazil who had a very heavy interview schedule while in the states. […]

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