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Bridging the Gap: Inside Bridgton Academy’s postgraduate documentary project

A few weeks back, I introduced Bridgton Academy’s documentary project Bridging The Gap, in which Bridgton and the Wilkins family work to show how a family comes to choose a postgraduate high school experience for their son; how the experience works; and, what the postgraduate experience will mean to Cam in the long run. I […]

Documenting the PG Year through A Family’s Lens

Bridgton Academy and the Wilkins family will document Cam’s Bridgton postgraduate experience from school search to college matriculation

Learn Why One Boarding School Starts the Year with “College Boot Camp”

Darlington School seniors start the school year with College Boot Camp.

Revised SAT vs. Real Learning: Where Boarding Schools and Private Schools Excel

Revised SAT vs. criterion-referenced, mastery learning in boarding and private schools.

Bridgton Academy: Dylan Owen’s Stepping Stone to Nebraska Football

One of two out of state walk-ons in Nebraska’s 2014 entering football class, Bridgton Academy’s Dylan Owen has accepted a preferred walk-on spot with the Cornhuskers for fall 2014. He has a shot at becoming a member of Nebraska’s vaunted Blackshirts. Owen is no stranger to Nebraska football. He may have grown up in New […]

From Chemistry Teacher to Headmaster: Arch Smith Celebrates 40 Years at Trinity-Pawling

When I got word of Arch Smith’s retirement announcement a few days back, I thought, “He’s been there forever. How can he leave?” An incongruous set of questions, I know, but Arch has been at T-P…almost forever. Thirty-nine years so far and, next year, Arch and Gay will conclude forty years on one school campus. […]

Riverside Military Academy Cadets Receive Congressional Nominations

Riverside Military Academy cadets, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel (C/LTC) Harrison Summerour and Cadet Captain (C/CPT) Jacob M. Deem received their respective congressional nominations to the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) and U.S. Military Academy – West Point (USMA) last week. Deem and Summerour received their appointments as their congressman’s Congressmen’s Principle Nominee (1st choice.) Each cadet received […]

A Student’s Internet Etiquette and the College Admission Process

Just because you don’t verbalize your thinking doesn’t mean you didn’t say it — publicly. Although directed toward high school seniors and the college application process, Natasha Singer’s New York Times piece, “They Loved Your G.P.A. Then They Saw Your Tweets.” touches on something we kick around all the time — teaching good internet etiquette […]

Three Reasons an American Student Chose a Canadian Boarding School

I visited a few minutes with Shawnigan Lake student, Rosa about how she chose Shawnigan Lake, one of Canada’s largest boarding schools, as student coming from California’s Bay Area. Boarding school, and Shawnigan’s international student experience, in particular, offered Rosa opportunities that stretched her beyond her comfort zone. Rosa concludes her interview offering three things that […]

Riverside Military Academy to West Point Admission

Ever wonder how military boarding school; admission to West Point; a military career; and working in the West Point directorate of admission come together? You’ll find them all in our interview with Riverside Military Academy alumnus and Florida State Congressional District Coordinator for the Directorate of Admissions, CPT Charles Cook. In our interview CPT Cook […]

Want to be ready for college? You can’t do better than boarding school

The practices and skills that lead to collegiate success are the foundations of the traditional boarding school experience.

Tour D’Admission In It’s Eleventh Year

What’s the Tour D’Admission you ask? It’s an annual bike tour of colleges undertaken by high school guidance counselors and educational consultants. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Making the Case for College

A Proctor Academy graduate offers his stories, encouragement, and perspectives as part of the College Board’s “You Can Go” campaign.

How Boarding Schools Are the Gateway for Chinese Student Success

Back on November 3rd, The New York Times ran a collaborative article, “The China Conundrum” combining the work of their reporter, Karin Fischer, and Tom Bartlett of The Chronicle of Higher Education. I call attention to their piece in this forum because the demand and influx of Chinese students into American higher education parallels the […]

Don’t Become the Difficult Parent

The college placement office is one of the quiet, but most important support pieces of a boarding school education. Boarding school college placement offices, and the students they support, benefit from a bounty of resources and experiences. A boarding school college placement office works full-time; works with a very healthy (read low) officer to student […]

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