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Laughing at Ourselves: Some humor in the private school admission process

An April Fool’s Day piece that should bring a smile to our audience. Private school admission is certainly serious and in many ways an art rather than a science. But, sometimes we (parents and admission professionals) believe we can control and plan everything.

A Thorough Reference for International Families Considering North American Private Schools

Author Christine Chapman takes international families through the thinking; the “nuts and bolts” of applying to private school in North America and Europe.

It’s time! 2012 Private School Admission Decisions

This Weekend’s admission decision notifications marks the end the application phase of the admission process and the beginning of weighing your school options.

Don’t Fear the SSAT Reading Comprehension Section

Who says you have to hang on to every word of an SSAT reading comprehension passage and agonize over that early passage that has you stumped? Not Grant Handa. Skip it. Move on to a passage you understand.

An Admission Director Muses on Making a Difference

Andrew Weller, Ridley College, has a nice story up on his Independent School Admission Musing Blog chronicling his personal delivery of a difference making decision.

How to Approach Private School Admission Essays

Many students (and parents!) worry about private school admission essays because of the unknowns. Is the essay an unofficial test of a student’s writing ability? Is there a formula that successful applicants follow? Application essays are meant to give schools insight into a student’s personality, interests, and thought process. Most of the application comprises biographical […]

“I was waitlisted at my first choice school, how can I get off the waitlist?”

There’s no guarantee that a private school will have an opening and move to accept you from their waiting list. We suggest some basic waiting list strategies.

Rick Mercer Report Visits Brentwood College School: Experiences High Level Rowing

CBC journalist/humorist Rick Mercer recently took his self-depricating style to Brentwood College School to introduce viewers to the Canadian boarding school’s rowing program. Mercer sets the seriousness and success of Brentwood’s rowing program quickly.  The school has produced 23 Olympians; 21 of them rowers.  He speaks with alumni and Beijing Olympic silver medalists Scott Frandsen and Dave Calder […]

SSAT & ISEE Study Tips: Verbal Section and Essay Writing

Editor’s note: Building on Aristotle Circle’s first post that looks at the SSAT & ISEE and their math sections, this second entry offers test prep advice for each exam’s verbal essay writing sections. Preparing for the verbal section The verbal section of both tests relies heavily on a strong grasp of vocabulary. This means understanding […]

Perspectives on Private School Rejection

Washington Post, writer Jay Matthews has a timely piece addressing private school rejection (albeit a little bit ahead of the traditional boarding school acceptance date of March 10). “Private School Rejection? Don’t Panic Yet” covers some well travelled ground quoting a couple of consultants and touching lightly on the concept of ‘school fit’ and he’s […]

Waiting for Your Private School Admission Decision: Lessons from the College Placement Office

Hector Martinez, The Webb Schools‘ (Claremont, CA) college guidance director, has posted a nice piece at Webblogs (The Waiting Game). Although, he’s speaking to seniors and their parents in the throes of the college admission process, some of comments apply to families working through the boarding school admission process. His high notes: No one likes to […]

Top 10 Boarding School Blog Posts from 2010!

As 2011 begins, we’d like to share the ten most read stories of 2010 (the inspiration from this post came from Bill Stites’ latest – Top 10 in 2010 – on edSocialMedia) on our Boarding School Blog. We expanded to feature new voices and perspectives during 2010 and we’re pleased that many new contributors made […]

5 Reasons for Attending Boarding School

Boarding schools offer educational and personal growth opportunities that most public schools simply can’t match.  From academic and athletic scholarships to developing friendships that last a lifetime, boarding schools provide an avenue for enrichment. Below are 5 reasons why parents should consider boarding school for their child. 5. Exceptional Resources Boarding schools typically have resources […]

Private School Financial Aid Insights From Six Directors

We recently interviewed six boarding school admission counselors/directors with the question, “what should families keep in mind as they file for financial aid?” Each offers a slightly different take in advising families. Some common themes ring loud and clear. Communicate with the school. Know exactly what each school requires. Document your situation well and honestly. Meet […]

Boarding School Questions for First Time Parents

Parents interested in boarding school for their child often have many questions especially if this is their first experience with boarding schools. Baylor, a leading boarding school Chattanooga, answers some of the questions first time parents may have.

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