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Direct from Admission Directors: 5 Tips for Applying to Boarding Schools

Admission directors of the Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Group — Blair Academy (NJ), Mercersburg Academy (PA), St. Andrew’s School (DE), Episcopal High School (VA), and Peddie School (NJ) — put together an excellent video. It’s designed to help families and students make sure that they understand the admission process and to alleviate some stress from the […]

Your December Boarding School Admission Application Checklist

Before going any further, I have to say that the single biggest issue over the years around the traditional January 10 (or thereabouts) admission and financial aid application deadlines that I’ve seen repeated is leaving too much to finish until right before submitting your applications. Invariably, trying to close too quickly creates problems. As I […]

Start Now! Fall 2017 Admission & Financial Aid Deadlines About 90 Days Away

The traditional admission calendar/process is on the clock. It seems like school just started. But, the admission and financial aid application deadlines for fall 2017 are just over 90 days away. If you’re a family applying to boarding school for fall of 2017, it’s time to start your admission process. It’s all about school fit- […]

Looking for a New Private School for the Fall?

School plans change, especially with the end of the academic year. With summer approaching, it can provide the final impetus toward the conclusion that “it’s time to look for a different school.” As a parent, you might seek greater academic challenge, academic support, a particular opportunity, or, program, a learning differences program, or even a […]

Have You Found Yourself Without A Private School Acceptance? Here’s What You Should Do!

Admission decision day doesn’t always yield exactly what every student and family hoped for. If you’ve found yourself without a private school acceptance, you need to assess what happened; perhaps you overreached, or didn’t understand a piece of the private school admission process? I suggest you begin rebuilding your private school admission process and its foundation, […]

2016 Boarding School Acceptance Videos: Students & Faculty Welcome New Students!

Note: Updated 3/11. New videos added: St. Paul’s School, Pomfret School, & Phillips Academy It’s admission decision day (March 10th 2016) and, in what’s an annual event for us, here’s our gathering of 2016 Boarding School Acceptance Videos. We’ll post additional videos as we find them and as readers send them to us. Send yours […]

Five Things Families Should Know About the 2015-2016 Learning Differences Boarding School Admission Process: advice from Greenwood School’s Aria Carter

Five things to know about applying to a learning differences boarding school.

Five Things Families Should Know About the 2015-2016 Boarding School Admission Process: Advice from Two Admission Directors

Advice on the boarding school admission process from two admission directors.

Documenting the PG Year through A Family’s Lens

Bridgton Academy and the Wilkins family will document Cam’s Bridgton postgraduate experience from school search to college matriculation

Applying to Boarding School After the Deadline: the Second Admission Season

As the school year concludes, many families come to the decision that it might be best for their student to switch schools. Known as the second admission season, late spring and summer admission works well as time to research and find a good fitting boarding school. The decision to change schools can result from something […]

On decision day, an impassioned plea for courtesy and common sense

Here’s one great thing about a school that ends in Eighth Grade – it forces families to make an active, informed decision about where to go to high school. Simply staying put is not an option. Young teens and their parents grapple with choices — public or private? in-state or across the country? – that […]

Grand River Academy Rewards Applicant Initiative

It’s a piece of every educator’s dream to have their students own, and initiate, their educations. But, alas, each one of our students is in a different place in terms of growth and responsibility. Our students may not be exactly where we want them in terms of planning, execution, self-control, and self-advocacy, but we’ll get […]

Paul Hurd’s Legacy Reminds Us That, At Private Schools, Teachers Matter

This past November Hyde School in Bath, Maine lost a lifetime community member when Paul Hurd died. While having been a citizen on Hyde’s bath campus for almost forty years defines him as a boarding school lifer/campus fixture, Hurd was even more deeply woven into Hyde’s fabric. Among, Hurd’s Hyde firsts — he was the […]

A Student’s Internet Etiquette and the College Admission Process

Just because you don’t verbalize your thinking doesn’t mean you didn’t say it — publicly. Although directed toward high school seniors and the college application process, Natasha Singer’s New York Times piece, “They Loved Your G.P.A. Then They Saw Your Tweets.” touches on something we kick around all the time — teaching good internet etiquette […]

Connecting Accepted Families via Virtual Town Meetings

Using virtual town meetings, Westover School’s invitation to their accepted family town meetings landed in my inbox yesterday. Westover has removed the physical barrier in an effort to help families make their best decisions around school fit. You no longer need to travel to ask a final round of questions/make one last connection with a school. […]

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